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Property law governs the various ownership forms of real property (land) which is distinct from movable or personal possessions and even when it comes to personal property, contained within the civil system of laws, movable or immovable property is further divided. Movable property more or less consistent with personal property, whereas immovable property is more consistent with real property or real estate, along with the associated obligations and rights thereon.

The phrase property, in everyday use, is a reference to a particular object (or objects) possessed by a person, such as a cell phone, a book, or perhaps a car, along with the relationship a person has with it. In law, this concept takes on a more nuanced distinction. Aspects to ponder might include the makeup of the object, any relationship a person has with the the object, relationships between many people in relationship to this object, and just how this object is take into account within the reigning political environment. In the most broadl sense, property in a legal sense is the rights people have in or over particular things or objects