Natural Gas Pipelines and Real Estate Transactions

Natural Gas and Real Estate

On Jan. 24, 2012,, for a second time within just over a year, San Bruno homes were again evacuated when a crew working on a nearby sewer line struck a natural gas pipeline by accident unsettling nerves of neighborhood residents who still remember the tragic explosion of gas pipeline on Sep. 9, 2010 that took the lives of 8 people and destroyed 37 homes.

Because gas pipeline locations are not currently required by any California statute, ordinances, regulation, or government decree, and since information on pipeline locations is constantly changing and inaccurate or incomplete a pipeline disclosure is not automatically included in any NHD property disclosure reports.

The California Association of Realtors, (CAR) has made amendments its Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory and now includes data regarding Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines. In item number 29 of the advisory form provides a pertinent statement: "If Buyer desires additional information about underground utilities and pipelines, Buyer should consult with experts during the Buyer’s contingency investigation period. Brokers have no expertise on this topic." NOTE: This doesn't create a statutory requirement for disclosure upon the seller, the agents, the brokers, or any NHD company. It's a notice to given to Buyers stating if they desire more data on this topic they should go ahead and obtain it.

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Although several bills with regards to the operation and safety of natural gas transmission pipelines were signed into the California law, none of those bills have any requirement for any disclosure of this data in any real estate transaction. Listed here are 5 Senate Bills passes and signed into the California law, click the following links and read them on your own:

SB44 - SB Bill 44, SB216 - SB Bill 216, , SB56 - SB Bill 56,

SB879 - SB Bill 879, SB705 - SB Bill 705

Feb 5, 2012

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