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Mar 22

What Was Old In Food Now New All Over Again

Do you remember back when there were chia pets? Food was just food. There was no xanthan gum, soy protein isolate, no red dye No. 40 or other mystery ingredients imported from the rain forests of the Amazon? Well, chia has returned, big time (this time only the seeds, no pets). And it's just ordinary old food. At a Natural Products Expo recently in Anaheim, Ca one could spend hours traversing the floors among 60,000 others. It's turned into the largest trade show of health food in the entire world. The overwhelming theme was: What was old is now new all over again. Your grandmother would instantly recognize many of these hot new trends: Foods grown by local area farmers. Skin products made from ingredients that don't contain nine syllables. Read more about Natural Foods
Mar 21

Mortgage Loan Servicers to Shell Out $5 billion in Fines

The $25 billion government agreement to settle with five of the nation's largest mortgage service institutions over "robo-signing" procedures could give short sales a boost, as these loan servicers will be given a credit when they authorize sales including forgiveness of a part of upside down debt of homeowners. Although the agreement is only projected to help a small portion of borrowers who owe more money on their their properties than they are are worth -- maybe one out of 20, in accordance by one guesstimate -- it will also assist in bringing some degree of certainty back to the housing market by taking away a few of the obstacles keeping properties stuck within the foreclosure tube. Read more about Robo-Signing Agreement
Mar 20

A First in More Than 18 Months

Real Estate ActivitySales prices of existing home increased in February. The median price was $171,881, sales prices in 53 cities nationwide surveyed by a National Housing Report increased 1.1% above February of 2011. Home sales numbers were higher, increasing 8.7% over just a year ago. With an encouraging sales trend for 8 months in a row over the prior year, itís appearing as if 2012 will turn into a very robust home-selling year. As a consequence of diminished foreclosure activity, inventory continues on a downhill trend for the 20th month in a row and is 22.4% less than the inventory of housing in February of 2011. Consumer attitudes appear to be improving, while record low mortgage interest rates combined with auspicious prices on homes are attracting investors and homebuyers not wanting to miss out a historic occasion. Read more About Real Estate Activity Increasing 
Mar 19

The constant thing about technology is that itís instant
Clients working with us online want to know what's happening, when and with whom. They do not mind an overnight wait for a response to phone message or text, although they want to stay in-the-loop when it comes down to what is going on with their property transaction. We need to have a system keeping them apprised to whatís happening, whether itís using a specific technology system, or a tried-and-true manual system we already use. We embrace technology and it's absolutely as personal as is a face-to-face encounter. We have created lasting friendship with people we have never meet in person. We Look upon technology as an extra tool

Mar 17
Big Price Cuts to the FHA Streamline Refinance Agenda
Carol Galante, Acting Federal Housing (FHA) Commissioner recently announced some large price cuts to the FHA Streamline Refinance Agenda that just might be of benefit to millions of borrowers who currently have mortgages insured by FHA. Starting June 11, 2012, is the timeframe FHA is going to lower the Mortgage Insurance Premium (UFMIP) it charges upfront to only .01 percent and drop its annual mortgage insurance premium to just .55 percent for qualified FHA borrowers.
Mar 13
Laundry Rooms in Vogue
Doing laundry is one of those tasks around the house most dreaded. Perhaps thatís when selling a home, that's the very reason the laundry area is an often forgotten area to get into shape. Often the machines often covered in dust while detergent is dripping over the sides with old socks and lint covering the floor. However it is an area not taking a lot of time to clean although a clean laundry area can make a big difference to prospective buyers looking at your home. The quickest way to show off your laundry room is with the addition of an energy-efficient washer and dryer
Mar 12
Coffee Tables are Changing to Reflect Technology Habits
Coffee tables featuring two levels have become a changing trend for some time. Because people want a place for their tablet computers a, laptops, and smart phones, you're beginning to see some coffee tables being designed using three levels. Cosmo Kramer's coffee-table book needs to be updated as so much is changing with this piece of key furniture. During the "Seinfeld" era, of the 1990s a coffee table was pretty much a place for remote controls and drinks - and perhaps a place for your feet whenever mom was out of the room. This clubby wooden table was far removed from the 1950s limbo-low cocktail table, at just 16 inches tall featuring a sculptured chrome, brass or wooden base along with it's round, elegant glass top.
Mar 11
Stockton's Fiasco Government
Stockton City HallIn an attempt to get a handle on Stockton's near-bankruptcy gets us looking at the city's general public. Is there something abnormal in the civic culture of Stockton? It appears that Stockton never firmly created a culture of public service. Reform along with time may have rid the city of it's most blatant dishonest dealings, although lofty motives unmistakably has continued to come in second place to self-enrichment. and back-scratching If true, this relates to a term political analysis's call "political efficacy" Here are a few Stockton voter turnout percentages for some recent elections.
Mar 09

What Things Can I Be Doing To Get My Home Sold?
Although, many are still trying to find answers. There was a not so far away time when there were multiple offers on most houses, however the market conditions we now live in has changed all of that. With the vast supply of short sales, foreclosures, and excessive inventory, some homes sit on the market for a considerable amount of time. It could literally take years before a number of of those properties are sold to see the excess home supply reduced.

Mar 08
Exciting New Spring Flowering Woody Shrubs
Three fresh spring-flowering shrubs now available at nationwide garden centers, thanks to a new plant introduction program labeled Proven Winners which locates shrubs far and wide to provide you the best woody plants available.

Sugar Baby Forsythia:
Typically, forsythia is a mammoth, overpowering shrub that has never deserved a specimen place in any front yard. Now all of that has changed. Proven Winners is offering a smaller forsythia named Sugar Baby included in the Show Off versions. This miniature, upright forsythia is terrific in small spaces, or even in large pots. Or, used as a smaller flowering border

Double Take Quince:
Together with forsythia, the quince shrub is also one of the earliest blooming plants in the spring. During the past, the quince has typically been thought of as a do not plant shrub due to of its numerous thorns. Now, Proven Winners features the new thornless DoubleTake quince series

Spilled Wine Weigela:
Spectacular foliage can eye-catching along with fantastic flowers. The latest purple-leaved Weigela named Spilled Wine offers both. It has dark red, wavy dark red leaves, that disappear in the winter time, provide a dramatic back ground for those hot pink-magenta blooms which resemble those of an alternative Weigela named Wine & Roses. However, Spilled Wine, is a much smaller plant which is more wide than tall, making it a great plant for introducing color to mass plantings or simply tucked away in an existing garden border.

Feb 28

Outsmarting Foreclosure Competition
Actually purchasing one is even more of a problem. Last year the bargain-basement supply of foreclosure homes dwindled, as banks temporarily refrained from repossessing properties and to review potential paperwork mistakes. However there should be a whole new ball game in 2012. Lenders have resumed filing notices of foreclosure, so more distressed homes are anticipated to be for sale. "Thereís such a buyer demand . "Whenever these foreclosures hit the MLS will be snatched up right away. Let's look at how buyers can locate these foreclosures and have their offers stand above their competition:

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