Laundry Rooms in Vogue

    Doing laundry is one of those tasks around the house most dreaded

    Perhaps thatís when selling a home, that's the very reason the laundry is an often forgotten area to get into shape. Often the machines are covered in dust while detergent is dripping over the sides with old socks and lint covering the floor.

    However it is an area not taking a lot of time to clean although a clean laundry area can make a big difference to prospective buyers looking at your home. The quickest way to show off your laundry room is with the addition of an energy-efficient washer and dryer. Recent statistics furnished by the U.S. Department of Energy indicate that machines featuring an ENERGY STAR label cuts water costs by as much as 50 percent. Also there are machines that adjust the temperature of the water automatically and reduce the water usage for each load thereby preventing excess waste and usage.

    Many new models come in designer colors, sleek designs, pedestals and make a daring statement. Also when buying your new washer, you also must choose between a top or front-loading machine.

    A top-loading washer requires water enough to cover the clothes in the drum, while a washer that loading from the front requires only one third of the water because the drum is horizontally placed in the machine. It needs less water and will take larger loads, while at the same time making a bold fashion statement On a downside, the front-loading machine costs more money and can grow mold as dirty water isn't emptied as proficient as does a top-loading washer. As for dryers, new technology in sensors is all the rage. Dryers featuring moisture sensors determine when the laundry is dry faster than conventional machines and shut off sooner saving money, energy, plus wear and tear upon your clothes.

    Another growing trend is using steam machines for added water and energy efficiency. Steam machines provide enhanced clothes-care options like the short and steam-only cycles which help in reducing wrinkles and removing odors from your clothing without using any water or detergent.

    At one point laundry rooms were located in the basement, however today, people are discovering space for their washers and dryers within more accessible areas of the home such as the kitchen or even upstairs, close to bedrooms. Housing experts concur that adding a laundry nook is going to increase the value of your home, plus make it handier as dragging baskets of clothing over flights of stairs is a thing from the past.

    Typical locations for laundry rooms have been next to the garage and act as a mudroom from entry to the garage or in basements as were houses built prior to the 60's.

    New Roos for Old Houses The most in demand American home styles of today are still those classic styles from from the past--Bungalows, Capes, Federals. and Victorians However the perennial struggle is finding the best way to live in them although adapting them to our changing requirements. Typically we require space. A common fix is to add on although the big challenge is ways to do it correctly.


    Mar 13, 2012

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