Bedrooms Defined

    A Restricted Room Where People go for Sleeping or Just to Relax

    A bedroom is defined as a restricted room where people most of the time go for sleeping during the night or just to relax during the daytime. Most homes in San Joaquin County, and Stockton California have a minimum of two bedrooms, most often a master bedroom for use by heads of the house, like a husband & wife plus another or more bedrooms reserved for children or house guests.

    In most municipalities basic features are in place (such as a clothes closet and an additional means of exiting) which a room is required to have in order for it to be qualified as a bedroom. Although, a few real estate agents may expand the definition when describing a home listed for sale.

    Where buildings contain multiple self-contained living units such as apartments, the bedroom count may vary widely. Although a number of such units have a minimum one bedroom, a majority of the time, these units contain a minimum of two. A few of these housing units may not contain a particular room set aside to be used as a bedroom unit. (These living units may be called a number names, including studio apartment, efficiency, bedsit, and other names.)

    Furniture and other articles in a bedroom can vary a lot, dependent on personal taste and local custom. For example, a master bedroom might include a a specific sized bed (king, queen double-sized) more than one dresser (or maybe, a wardrobe armoire); perhaps a nightstand; more than one closet; plus carpeting. Closets Built-in to the room are more common in the US than Europe; subsequently in Europe freestanding armoires or wardrobes are used more frequently.

    Northern European Bedding (particularly in Scandinavia) is considerably diverse from the US and other localities in Europe. A few bedrooms might also include items like desks for make-up, TV, air conditioning units and a variety of accessories (including lamps, telephone and clock with an alarm). Most often, the master bedroom is adjoining to a separate bathroom.

    Bedrooms for children

    In addition to a bed (or, a bunk bed when used jointly by more than one child), the bedroom of a child may feature the requisite wardrobe closets, dressers, a box for toys, computer game console, bookcases or other items. Mar 17, 2011

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