Most Surface Runoff Comes From the Roof

Controlling the water on on your site. Underground water and runoff from rain and snow pose a threat both to the structural integrity of the foundations and to below-grade interior living space. Wet basements and cracked foundations are difficult to fix after the fact, but good perimeter drainage, both at grade and down at the footings, is a cheap and easy way to prevent problems. If you follow these rules of thumb for perimeter grading and drain tile, you’ll sleep easy knowing that the water control systems you buried today won’t bubble up into a problem somewhere down the road.

Surface Runoff Although some wind-driven rain strikes the siding and drains onto the ground, most surface runoff comes from the roof, and the amount of runoff varies according to the size and style of the roof. A gable roof deposits all runoff onto the ground under the eaves, with little runoff at the gable ends; a hip roof distributes the runoff more evenly on all sides. One way to improve drainage is a splash block or extension at the end of a down spout

Foundation Moisture

Keeping water away from a home's foundation may seem like a trivial matter, but it is vital to the structural integrity of the house itself. One way to improve drainage is a splash block or extension at the end of a down spout, both of which will help pull water farther away and help prevent soil erosion and other foundation damage.

Reparing a Downspout

Replacing a missing section of down spout and adding a splash block is one of the easier home maintenance projects. Doing so will prevent soil from eroding around the foundation and causing further damage. It also would be wise to add fill dirt where any soil has washed away.

Move downspout water away from the foundation

Changing channels If a down spout deposits water too close to the foundation, water is likely to get in and around the foundation. To better channel the water away from the house's main support system, use a splash block or extend the down spout farther from the house. This is a fairly simple do-it-yourself project.

Landscaping and Water

Landscaping around a home should always be designed to keep water away from the foundation, not trap it too close to the house. Too much water near the foundation can cause structural problems and deterioration of the foundation itself.

Clean Pool Drains

Most exterior pools and spas are equipped with underground drainage lines, which need to be kept clear in order to prevent costly damage to the pool, spa and surrounding decking. If a blockage occurs in the line, call a qualified drainage company to clean it out.

Drainage grading

Grading for drainage When installing flowerbeds around a house, it is essential to grade the soil away from the house to avoid trapping water at the foundation. In addition, there need to be gutters and downspouts to efficiently guide water away from the foundation. Water otherwise will collect at the foundation and into the crawl space, causing costly foundation damage.

Downspout Problems

A correctly installed and maintained system of gutters and downspouts on a house will channel rainwater well away from the foundation. If any section of downspout is missing, it should be replaced immediately to avoid the potential for water damage to the foundation.

Rusted Rain Gutters

Metal gutters on a house can rust through, allowing rainwater to drain too close to the house. A well-maintained and repaired system of gutters and downspouts channel water well away from the foundation.

Rain Gutter Pitch

If a gutter is not properly pitched toward the down spout, water will become trapped in the gutter and in heavy rains spill over the sides instead of flowing to the down spout. It is relatively easy to change the angle of the gutter to allow for proper flow.

Pool Grading

The soil surrounding a swimming pool should be graded to drain away from the pool, not toward it. If the original contractor cannot be located to fix the problem, a qualified pool company or drainage specialist should be hired to do so.

Move water away from the foundation

A splash block or down-spout extension can help guide water away from a foundation. Otherwise water may pool close to the foundation, which can cause costly damage.

Damaged rain gutter

A damaged rain gutter should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible in order to avoid water damage around the foundation.

Cracked Slabs and Foundations

If a significant crack develops in a slab foundation, it will only worsen if left uncorrected. A qualified structural engineer should be called in to assess cause of this damage and recommend repairs.

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