Clean up your home during March before spring gets here

Spend about an hour on strategy
and shopping before you begin

First, spend about an hour on strategy and shopping before you begin, and you'll save many hours time wasted

When spring gets here, the very last thing the majority of us feel like doing is spending an entire weekend cleaning up the place we've already been stuck in for months on end. Many people ignore this ritual of spring-cleaning until visitors arrive (which, if they are lucky, gets them to November). Other years, it gets done before April is over. Early in March is the absolute best time for doing spring cleaning. A task that should be done when you don't really want to go outdoors anyway.. This ritual should be labeled pre-spring cleaning.

Before starting, here's some advice from some people who have the know how to properly do the job, and as quickly as humanly feasible. Here are some thoughts from the Clean Team, an online retailer of cleaning products which are nontoxic and cleaning books publisher. and Merry Maids, a nationwide housecleaning service

Their advice: You should spend about an hour on strategy and shopping before you begin, and you'll save many hours of time wasted. Also, check out your cabinets, where substitute cleaning agents and tools may be hiding. Such as coffee filters, for example, which Merry Maids employees often use when washing windows. "You'll use lots of them, although they do a terrific job, Newspaper, gets ink all over your hands and paper towels leave lint on your windows.) Vinegar and rubbing alcohol are also useful. For a home-made window cleaner, mix in a cup full of alcohol with a cup of water plus one tablespoon full of white vinegar. To create an all-around cleaning solution, mix in one-fourth cup of vinegar into one gallon of water. This aroma falls short of products you can find at the stores, however the price is good, plus a slight breeze makes the smell go away. Bootleg mixture are also good if the branded products run out. They work as good as anything else you can get at the store, plus people like the fact that they are less toxic than a lot of mainstream cleaning products.

Cleaning Materials

Other essential items should include a scraper, a double set of microfiber cloths; with one set aside for the bathroom only; cotton rags; a duster that has an extendible handle; a mop that includes dusting pad; heavy duty scrub pads and multi-surface scrubber sponges; two 10 quart buckets; a double-sided squeegee; plus a toothbrush. Read my article on March Home Maintenance

Spring CleaningThis book provides specific advice for handling major cleaning tasks around your home.It focusses on the approaches to use and ways to do it. Speed Cleaning, one more book by Jeff Campbell, is written for taking care of the weekly cleaning. Spring Cleaning is written for big infrequent cleaning jobs, but there's also advice for handling the weekly cleaning for your first time if you are trying to catch up from being way behind. No, results can be obtained from merely reading the book. .

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