New Spring Flowering Woody Shrubs

Exciting New Shrubs

Three fresh spring-flowering shrubs now available at nationwide garden centers, thanks to a new plant introduction program labeled Proven Winners which locates shrubs far and wide to provide you the best woody plants available.

Sugar Baby Forsythia:

Typically, forsythia is a mammoth, overpowering shrub that has never deserved a specimen place in any front yard. Now all of that has changed. Proven Winners is offering a smaller forsythia named Sugar Baby included in the Show Off versions. This miniature, upright forsythia is terrific in small spaces, or even in large pots. Or, used as a smaller flowering border, perhaps using spring-flowering bulbs interwoven among the border. The plant, is blooming now through the early part of April, and depends upon your climate, reaches 18 - 30 inches both tall & wide, and requires sun to partial shade. It can tolerate most soils and one established is drought tolerant. Forsythia should be pruned after it is through blooming, particularly the large sizes. Although miniature sizes should never require any pruning, and is a welcome change to your gardening routine. • Buy the Sugar Baby Forsythia online


Sugar Baby Forsythia

Double Take Quince:

Together with forsythia, the quince shrub is also one of the earliest blooming plants in the spring. During the past, the quince has typically been thought of as a do not plant shrub due to of its numerous thorns. Now, Proven Winners features the new thornless DoubleTake quince series. Bred by Dr. Tom Ranney of North Carolina, this new Double Take quince features huge double flowers with nary a thorn anywhere. Double Take is available in Scarlet Storm , Orange Storm, plus Pink Storm. These quinces are lenghty bloomers, starting early in the spring and continues blooming until the weather becomes hot, according to their breeder. They prefer sun to partial-sun environments, and they are cold hardy within zones 5-8. • Buy the Double Take Quince online


Double Take Quince

Spilled Wine Weigela:

Spectacular foliage can eye-catching along with fantastic flowers. The latest purple-leaved Weigela named Spilled Wine offers both. It has dark red, wavy dark red leaves, that disappear in the winter time, provide a dramatic back ground for those hot pink-magenta blooms which resemble those of an alternative Weigela named Wine & Roses. However, Spilled Wine, is a much smaller plant which is more wide than tall, making it a great plant for introducing color to mass plantings or simply tucked away in an existing garden border or even in a perennial garden area. The Best news of all, it is resistant to deer, plus it is cold hardy within zones 4-8. This Weigela prefers well-drained soils although adapts to most soils. It is best to do the pruning after flowering however its smaller stature means hardly any pruning is necessary, giving you more time to relax and simply enjoy your garden’s beauty • Buy the Spilled Wine Weigela online


Spilled Wine Weigela


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