Coffee Tables are Changing to Reflect Technology Habits

Transformations in Technology Uses are Changing the Proverbial Coffee Table

Coffee tables featuring two levels have become a changing trend for some time. Because people want a place for their tablet computers a, laptops, and smart phones, you're beginning to see some coffee tables being designed using three levels. Cosmo Kramer's book along with other coffee-table books need to be updated as so much is changing with this piece of key furniture. During the "Seinfeld" era, of the 1990s a coffee table was pretty much a place for remote controls and drinks - and perhaps a place for your feet whenever mom was out of the room. This clubby wooden table was far removed from the 1950s limbo-low cocktail table, at just 16 inches tall featuring a sculptured chrome, brass or wooden base along with it's round, elegant glass top.

We are seeing a renaissance of artistry of coffee tables, plus they are more functional than ever before. Today it's turning into a place for your remote and drinks and it's also become a place for tablet computers, laptops, and smart phones," If you have attended any trade shows to see firsthand how furniture manufactures are responding to lifestyle transformations. "The new coffee table is a place to both work and play."

Wireless devices are a big influenced on coffee table design. A few tables feature built-in charging docks and, as more people work from home, Furniture manufacturer Aspen Home has been a pioneer in this design trend.. Technology also is participating in the amount of coffee tables starting to be used. Furniture manufacturers are introducing a concept of three small tables grouped. Global Views, a furniture maker based in Dallas, is offering a trio marble-top tables of varying heights featuring gold-finish iron bases. A drink could be on one, an iPad might be placed upon another with reading materials upon the third.

Sculptural art pieces are being combined with multiple functions, Controlling space also is a rationale for multiple coffee tables. Two smaller coffee tables in place of one large one allows someone sitting in the center of a sofa to prevent being trapped,

A single coffee table can become a blockade, Available space determines coffee table selection and placement. To easily reach drinks , the edge of the table should be about 18 inches distance from the sofa. However to allow someone to comfortably rise and walk, the distance should be 24 inches. A side table can be used for drinks if your coffee table is a cube-shape. Having space under a legged table provides clearance for feet, so it's a far more sensible choice if it's used for drinks.

Aug 7, 2018

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