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Jan 30 Killing Lincoln
Abraham LincolnBill O'Reilly,  a Fox Cable anchor gives an account of one of the more gripping stories of American history-how a single gunshot permanently altered the nation forever. During the springtime of 1865, our Civil War finally ended after a long series of exceedingly bloody battles. The generous terms President Abraham Lincoln's gave Robert E. Lee's surrender were formulate to fulfill the dreams Lincoln had of healing a separated nation, while allowing former Confederates to return to American society. With a solitary man along with his gang of murderous accomplices, reaching high into the hierarchy of the United States government, were not placated.
Jan 27
More Buyers Paying With Cash
Bill Lockyer Warning InvestorsYet another sign showing investors have become more essential to residential property sales than ever before, nearly one in three December home sales were to buyers paying all cash. The fact is, such a great number of investors are getting winning sales bids using cash with shorter closing times allowing them offer even less money, which may possibly be depressing prices further, especially for distressed properties, concurs the latest tracking survey by Campbell/Inside Mortgage Finance.
Jan 23
FHA Taking More Steps to Strengthen Finances and Limit Risks

FHA LogoCarol J. Galante, Interim commissioner of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) recently announced the most recent in a sequence of steps being taken to strengthen and protect the FHA Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund (MMI), while permitting the organization to continue on with its mission of providing homeownership access for borrowers that are qualified. These new guidelines strengthen the practice in which FHA requires specified lenders to underwrite the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for those insurance claims paid out on mortgages which do not to meet FHAís guidelines. 

Jan 22
Moving to ColoradoMoving to Colorado
The greatest thing about living Colorado is that you're close to so much history and many beautiful sites. Here's some tips and insights for making your move smooth . Once you've made the decision to relocate to Colorado you'll be looking for a new place to live. The fresh air, mountains, and the the wilderness will all be playing a part in convincing you to go ahead and get on with the move, and the fact that there's a new job waiting there. Colorado is a really great place to live and work, and a terrific retirement place .
Jan 20
Clever Camouflages Hide Decorating Issues
Camouflage WindowsPractically every home has some sort of an eyesore. Possibly itís a dorky window or floor covering thatís had better days. It's always on your nerves, however repairing or replacing it costs too much, not practical or not high enough on the to do list. Still, you don't need totally ignore the situation. Iíve assemble a few fixes for disguising some typical decorating issues, so whip out your can-do outlook and get yourself ready to take care of that troublesome issue.
Jan 18
Creole Style Homes
Creole Style HomesThe Creole Style, mostly found throughout the Southern U.S. had it's originations in New Orleans during the 1700s. The homes are recognized by a front receding wall which forms a porch for the first-story along with a second-story balcony which stretches across the whole front of the home. There are full-length windows opening up to the balconies, while characteristically lacy ironwork stretches across the upper-story balcony. The design of these two or three-story houses is symmetrical with front entry's located at their centers.

Art Deco ArchitectureArt Deco Architecture
The Art Deco style was launched by Paris Exhibition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs in 1925, which was an echo of the Machine Age featuring geometric decorative touches with a vertically oriented layout. This distinctly urban design was not widely deployed in residential construction; it had more widespread use in commercial and public buildings of the era. Towers and accompanying projections rise above the roofline augment the vertical prominence of this architectural style, made popular by Hollywood movies during the 1930s. Metal window casements, Flat roofs with smooth stucco walls featuring rectangular cut-outs are typical exterior features of Art Deco home styles

Jan 16

Repair or replace an ongoing question in a tough economy
Repair or ReplaceWhen should you be repairing and when do you need to be replacing? With people staying in their homes much longer in this down economy and with money much tighter, the choice is being considered more often among homeowners in these times. For example, during this cold winter, along with concerns over energy costs rising.

Jan 13

New Study Indicates a Strong Consumer attraction to MLS
MLS LogoRecent published research by a consulting firm specializing in real estate, The WAV Group, validates the strong value consumers put on the phrase "MLS." The research, made to order for MLS Domains Association, which includes consumer surveys of public MLS website use along with a representative sampling of consumers that have bought or sold property within the last twelve month period. It supports three main deductions:

Jan 11

Sweaty Windows, What Can You Do About Them?
Sweaty WindowsYou may want to tell me to go soak my head, because I'm discussing window condensation, however this is because I receive many questions about winter time foggy windows. Although, I often receive calls from homeowners with concerns over their windows 'condensing' or leaking either on the inside or outside their home because there's moisture appearing on the glass.

Jan 06
Contributions: No longer Only for Closing Costs
Contributions by the seller, and other real estate entities are long past due for a new line of thought. Most real estate agents (along with their buyers and loan brokers, too) simply believe the only way to use seller contributions is for taking care of closing costs, which means most buyers are missing out on an awesome opportunity.

Many agents donít realize that contributions from the seller may be used in an array of ways that may increase the purchasing power of a buyer or help them decrease their payments each month.

Jan 05
Help Me Out, Donít Try to Sell Me!
Trying to sell somebody may be the reason they aren't calling you back There are some out of the ordinary things going on in the real estate environment today. Your clients are now in a scary time. and now you must be aware of this and change your approach to sales or you will most likely suffer. People are no longer in the mood for being sold.:

Jan 04

FHA Off the Bench in the Jumbo Home Loan Game
Why lawmakers Left Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on the Bench

We've all heard the stories about the second-team players which were propelled into a starting lineup position because the regular starters were not well enough to go out and play -- or whose performance in the past no longer merited them a starting position. The same was philosophy is right on in describing the Federal Housing Administration's (FHA) role in 2011. It became the favored U.S. mortgage banking lender --purely by default.

Jan 01

Moving to Florida
A lot of people think that life in Florida is spending entire days on one of it's many beaches and just having fun. Indeed, Florida is among the most happy U.S. states because of its beautiful beaches, sunny weather, and loads of interesting tourist areas. However Florida also has offices for of many of the top companies of the world. Therefore, moving to Florida to work is a good prospect.

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