Help Me Out, Donít Try to Sell Me!

We Must Become Indispensable!

Trying to sell somebody may be the reason they aren't calling you back There are some out of the ordinary things going on in the real estate environment today. Your clients are now in a scary time. and now you must be aware of this and change your approach to sales or you will most likely suffer. People are no longer in the mood for being sold.:

  • At one time it took 30 days to close an escrow now it takes 120 days or more;
  • At one time it took 20 contacts before you got a person to listen to what you have to say, it now takes over 100 contacts; and,
  • If someone did business with you in the past, they now regardless of the relationship they have with you. they want to be assured you are giving them the best deal
Many reasons for this exist, all created from the inhospitable economic environment we are forced to live through. With all the pessimistic thoughts besieging us daily consumers are thoroughly thinking through any financial decisions which might impact their lives much more than they in the past. They are taking a great deal more time to make a commitment now, while in many situations they are putting off decisions until things improve. So, what can be done to perk sales up?
  • Help, Donít sell.
  • Advise, Donít close.
  • Encourage, Donít push.
  • Become totally INDISPENSABLE!

Itís a completely different mindset, however one that needs to be adopted ias a way of surviving no matter how counteractive this might feel to hardcore salespeople. In addition to the economic factors driving a necessity make an approach change, The online consumer of today also does not want like being "sold". Letís take a peek at what we are doing online to engage the consumer:
  • We write blogs about interesting topics in attempts to position us as leaders of though;
  • We post articles of interest, videos, etc. that deliver relevant and engaging information; plus,
  • We let online consumers interact with us while not making any attempts to force them to come to a buying decision lets them take charge the process and control the shots.
We need to be doing exactly the same process in our environment offline. The more we uncover another personís needs and assist them in seeing how much their situation might be costing them, then all the more we become a very important resource in assisting them analyzing the limitations of their situation. If we achieve this, the more likely hood is the consumer will turn to us for business as THEY become ready . As I said earlier, the biggest hurdle we have now,  we must interact with a significantly greater number of prospects there are less people willing to make commitments and only will do this at pace they have set. If you along with your sales team intensify your prospecting efforts and become indispensible to your prospects, you will then gain the ability to beat the storm in front of the competition.  

New Article Jan 5, 2012

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