Killing Lincoln

How a single gunshot permanently altered the nation forever

Bill O'Reilly,  a Fox Cable anchor gives an account of one of the more gripping stories of American history-how a single gunshot permanently altered the nation forever. During the springtime of 1865, our Civil War finally ended after a long series of exceedingly bloody battles.

photograph of President Abraham Lincoln taken by Alexander Gardner on February 5, 1865

The generous terms President Abraham Lincoln's gave Robert E. Lee's surrender were formulate to fulfill the dreams Lincoln had of healing a separated nation, while allowing former Confederates to return to American society. With a solitary man along with his gang of murderous accomplices, reaching high into the hierarchy of the United States government, were not placated.

My initial thoughts were wishing my required reading assignments had been this well composed as this sincerely emotionally and vividly engaging story of Lincoln's assassination. I found myself thinking of running for cover over those Civil War battle conflicts. A story which actually happened, truly an American misfortune that altered history in America. If you believe you already know this legend, you don't really know it until you’ve finished reading Killing Lincoln. Add historian to the already imposing résumé of Bill O'Reilly

For a person seriously interested in Abraham Lincoln, get the book by Steers and pass this book up. Simply because Bill O'Reilly has multi-millions of viewers whom he can promote this book to, it does not mean it's great literary work. I hope people do not write off a straightforward review just because they might think I'm hammering on O'Reilly. The only justification for this book to take off on the bestseller list so fast was because it was promoted on the "Factor", and not that it is much superior to other books penned about Lincoln's assassination.

Opinionated people who haven't read the book although dislike O'Reilly gave it only a one-star reviews and never opened the book. O'Reilly fans have a vapor attack with anything shy of a five-star evaluation. The main point of the review here was to inform, and not to articulate ideology. I stick with this review and If you don't care for it, that's fine, however don't attack me to simply defend Bill O'Reilly. I am a viewer of The Factor. I also I have studied Abraham Lincoln, so take my review at it's face. • Get the Killing Lincoln book here

Lincoln's Birthday is February 12, Presidents' Day is  on the 20th of February.