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250 Questions Everyone Should Know About Buying Foreclosures - It doesn't matter you're searching for a foreclosed home to buy for an investment or to buy as the home you have dreamed of, This book Delivers all the essential questions along with the answers.  ?
250 Questions Everyone Should Know About Buying Foreclosures
Becoming a Master at Listing and Selling REO Properties - Real Estate Owned (REO) specialists are in demand today because they have the ability and drive to help lenders sell and market their foreclosed properties. Tired of working hard for so little return? This valuable guide will show you how to work less hours and make three times the amount of money most real estate agents make in a single month.  
Building Wealth Buying Foreclosures - Foreclosures are one of the biggest real estate investment opportunities available in today's market. They also have a compelling benefit--when you buy a property on the brink of foreclosure, you're solving that problem for the previous owner, and getting a great deal in the process.
Building Wealth Buying Foreclosures

Buy a Country Home Through a Short Sale - There is no better time to move to the country, to afford that second home or weekend retreat. However you will need to know the ins and outs of the game of short sales, who to talk to, how to price your offer and more. This Country Girl's Guide will arm you with all that information.

Cashing in on Pre-Foreclosures and Short Sales.- Cashing in on Pre-foreclosures and Short Sales reveals to real estate investors the step n=by step way to reap the benefits of what many people have labeled the best investment in real estate we have come across in decades! The author differentiates the differences between good buys and bad bad, shows just how simple it is to locate, assess, and pick up foreclosed properties, he shows how to reach a lucrative deal, and reveals the strength of buying a short sale and other approaches to creating a win-win circumstance for the seller ?
Cashing in on Pre-Foreclosures and Short Sales
Create a Short Sale - In a Short Sale, a property is sold and the lenders get paid less than the full amount owed on the loans, i.e. the payment is "short". This is an important alternative to foreclosure because the sellers move with dignity with less damage to their credit, the buyers get a house in better condition, the neighborhood avoids a vacant, vandalized, foreclosed house and the bank makes on average 30% more money.  

Emergency Fund 101: How to Save Money for Unexpected Expenses

The Foreclosure Survival Guide: Keep Your House or Walk Away With Money in Your Pocket - This book is for homeowners who are in jeopardy of losing their houses through foreclosure because they can't pay the mortgage. A thorough, easy to understand, compassionate look at your options, with an emphasis on using bankruptcy to keep the house, if you’re worried about foreclosure. Written by a practicing lawyer who has helped hundreds of homeowners keep their homes or come out of foreclosure financially sound. Foreclosure and bankruptcy are hot topics of conversation and in the media; people are looking for this information: step by step, practical information. ?
The Foreclosure Survival Guide: Keep Your House or Walk Away With Money in Your Pocket
Improve Your Credit Score In 5 Easy Steps! No Matter How Much Debt You Have - no matter how much debt you have right now! Take action now to avoid falling into the downward spiral of a low credit score while you eliminate your debt. The steps included in this book are tried and true, used by the author himself to maintain a good credit score while struggling to pay over $50,000 in debt.  
Pre-Foreclosure Property Investor's Kit - Selected by Robert J. Bruss' in 2005 as one of a top 10 real estate book "This ultra-comprehensive book expose virtually everything needed to acquire distressed foreclosure properties and make a profit without making expensive mistakes
Pre-Foreclosure Property Investor's Kit
Pre-Foreclosure Real Estate Handbook - Everything you need to know to locate and purchase real estate bargains from banks, public auctions, and other sources. Whether you are a first-time homeowner or an experienced property investor.

Real Estate Handbook

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