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The California Escape Manual A comprehensive look at living in urban Californians There's a treasure chest of ideas, checklists, resources, tables, plus enlightening stories from people who used to live in California. The author presents readers with ways to discover that perfect hometown by delving into vast arrays of free info on prospective towns and cities. The author based the book upon interviews with headhunters,, relocation executives, movers, Realtors, school officials, and other authorities. The book also contains interviews with people and families who discovered happiness away from urban California. ?
The California Escape Manual
California the Beautiful - As America is to the balance of the other regions of world, so California is to America - a shimmering promise of never ending possibilities. This fastidious look at the Golden State was recently revised with a brand new introduction, a fresh cover layout, and larger size to go along with the grandeur of the subject matter. California the Beautiful, a depiction of the state's varied natural beauty. Read Moving to California ?
California the Beautiful
Colorado (Insight Guides) - A wonderfully illustrated guide. There's much information here that I had not already read and its full of great photos. It has a unique take on things, it's not just some book that tells you the hotels to stay at or which restaurant you should eat at. If you never have been to Colorado, this book make you desire to go there. If you have already been there, then you'll get the desire to go back. A lot of great info about a wondrous place! Buy this book, go to Colorado, see it, love it! Read Moving to Colorado ?