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Art Deco Architecture: Design, Decoration, and Detail from the Twenties and Thirties - The sheer exuberance of Art Deco ensured its success throughout the world and adapted to a diverse variety of environments. Ranging from gasoline stations in America, European offices and to maharajahs' palaces throughout India and to imperial residences in Japan. All kinds of Public structures, whether state capitols or fountains, bus terminals or skyscrapers all spectacularly illustrated in this unrivaled book delivers a comprehensive look to the most loved of all the 20th-century style architecture. ?
Art Deco Architecture: Design, Decoration, from the Twenties and Thirties
Apartments: Defining Style
Apartments: Defining Style
Bungalow Style: Creating Classic Interiors in Your Arts and Crafts Home, Treena Crochet writes about The timeless American bungalow is every bit as popular in our world of today as when it was first introduced during the Victorian era. Bungalow Style pictures presents a wide array of interior details with descriptions on how to restore or add elements to bring to mind a flair for the historic while continuing to keep the home functional and comfortable. Common issues like as incorporating today's conveniences or finding necessary space are also discussed. ?
Bungalow Style: Creating Classic Interiors in Your Arts and Crafts Home
California Bungalows of the Twenties. One of a string of reproduction house plan style books by Dover. These books are identical reprints of the original plan books originating back during the turn of the century (approximately 1880-1925). Dover adds few if any up-to-date explanations, just portraying this catalog exactly as it was printed. So when people look to review any of these books, they're not really judging the current day publisher, writing, or editing. ?
California Bungalows

of the Twenties
California Romantica: Spanish Colonial and Mission-Style Houses. - A collection of the most significant, yet hardly seen, residential archetypes of the Spanish Colonial and California Mission styles, by noted architects such as Wallace Neff,, George Washington Smith, Lilian Rice, Paul R. Williams, and Richard Requa, among others. Featuring whitewashed stucco walls with cloistered patios, tile roofs and lavish gardens, every house displayed is a rare tour de force, splendidly appointed using authentic Monterey furnishings, Navajo rugs and California tile. See Monterey Style Homes ?
California Romantica: Spanish Colonial and Mission-Style Houses
A Book of Cape Cod Houses - When a person is requested to draw a home they consider to be the archetypal American style, the result is typically a symmetrical, story and a half residence, featuring a central chimney, with windows placed on both sides of a front door located in the center. Another way of saying, a Cape Cod home. Beginning in the mid-1600s through around 1850, Capes were constructed all over New England, they were homes to farmers, fishermen, shipwrights, and city dwellers. Featuring low-slung design allowed them to be easy to build, more economical, and most important impervious to the brisk winds sweeping in from the Atlantic Ocean . Author Doris Doane, Illustrator, Howard L. Rich ?
A Book of Cape Cod Houses
Colonial Style - Another Treena Crochet book written for homeowners who are pleased about the historic makeup of their old home, no matter if it's Colonial, Saltbox or Cape Cod, style. The many examples are from real homeowners who went about updating the 17th or 18th century houses they own while keeping the character of bygone days without foregoing today's luxuries or amenities. It was written as an inspiration to homeowners who want to gain more knowledge about the innate qualities of these old homes while keeping them livable and still loveable for themselves into the 21st century. ?
Colonial Style
New American Cottage - A collaboration of Il Kim and James Grason Trulove. For those of you that have a smaller home and looking for inspiration, the writings here are a genuine find. There are loads of color photographs showing immense detail. It shows architects are not just in designing 10,000 sq. ft. trophy homes similar to the homes in the other books of this series. It's full of informative ideas for homeowners and designers alike ?
New American Cottage
Craftsman Style - A beautiful book celebrating the architecture of Craftsman-style, which prospered in America from around 1895 well into the 1920s. It became more rustic and natural on the U.S. segment of the Atlantic Ocean than on the British side, in carrying on with the robust American frontier nation image. Robert Winter, a national leading authority on the Arts & Crafts development, has provided the enlightening text, which is a complement to the magnificent color photos by Alexander Vertikoff. ?
Craftsman Style
Creole Houses - Not one other photography book eloquently analyzes the occurrence of this sole American architecture style, which embraces exterior and interior decor, which blossomed from the early part of the eighteenth through the middle of the nineteenth century. Creole Houses gives an appreciation and insight of Creole culture which can be viewed through its historic houses and celebrates not just a memorable life style, but also the history, and unique sensibility, which created it. ?
Creole Houses
The Desert Home - Written by freelance writer and professional interior designer Tamara L. Hawkinson provides the reader with a magnificent and memorable trip through a variety of American Southwestern homes which are overflowing with flavor, personality, charm, and illustrate a love for the desert life style. Warm earthen tones dominate the styles portrayed here, which are all delightfully illustrated with many living-color photos, and lengthy comment using a "reader friendly" style. To put it simply, it's terrific idea source book when trying to find a western motif or desert for sprucing up any area of your home ?
The Desert Home
Dutch Colonial Homes in America - A considerable book, containing vividly detailed color photographs of Dutch Colonial Style homes, for the most part interiors, providing a glance into the lifestyles of the period. These picturesque restored and preserved residences are a pure delight to see with the ability to linger upon each inspirational page which show period furnishings, colonial era cooking fireplaces featuring full trappings and, beamed structures and fabrics. The book is truly picturesque which gives me the impression as having way more images than the majority of similar books on the subject. ?
Dutch Colonial Homes

in America

Federal Furniture and Decorative

French Country Living by Caroline Clifton-Mogg. - There are literally hundreds of color photos in this book all illustrating the real meaning of the countryside in France. The book is made up of two sections, the first emphasizing the soft, monochrome colors with the natural textures and materials which are distinctly French. The second portions takes a look at the overall style and commemorate the unique decorative style enthused over many centuries by the countryside of France, and illustrates ways to translate these elements and styles into your home, both urban and rustic. Over 30,000 copies have been sold. The beautiful photography is by Christopher Drake. ?
French Country Living
Georgian Style and Design for Contemporary Living - by Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, eminent authority on the use of traditional styling in contemporary settings, takes a look at the way the Georgian era continues to inspire today’s interiors. The Georgian style bestows a feeling of comfortable indulgence that turns any home into a showcase and a true haven. Going from room to room, she analyzes how an updated Georgian style connects with contemporary llife styles Additionally the book reveals new applications of the Georgian style to such contemporary "gotta-haves" such as media rooms, home offices,, fitness rooms, along with the bathroom makeover into a home spa. ?
Georgian Style and Design for Contemporary Living
Storybook Cottages, America's Carpenter Gothic Style - Eminently photogenic, imaginative, and and romantic, Carpenter Gothic homes have the right out of a fairy-tale exteriors with steep gables; pointed doors, windows and arches, elaborate gingerbread trim. The initial Victorian romantic architectural resurgences to sweep across the nation in the nineteenth century. Inspiration for the Carpenter Gothic architecture came from Andrew Jackson Downing's pattern books and made possible with the development of the steam-power scroll saw. Stunning professional photographs are presented along with illustrations from the pattern books by Downing The text provides illustrations of the the style's roots, beginning in Medieval Europe along with Gothic cathedrals ?
Storybook Cottages, America's Gothic Style
Greek Design and Decoration
House & Garden Book of Style
The Houses of Key West
International Style: Modernist Architecture from 1925 to 1965 (World Architecture) - Describes a form of architecture which evolved from Bauhaus with passionate belief that "form does follow function." The International architecture set the tone for modern building until the 1980s, with its judicious solutions to construction issues. Combining steel, concrete and glass, it instituted an aesthetic founded upon the utter thrill of pushing the limits of economic and technical viability. This book track the exhilarating evolution of an architectural style while looking at the regional and individual forms it traveled, and analyses the realities and ideals of architectural utopia visions. See article on International Style Homes ?
International Style:

Modernist Architecture
rom 1925 to 1965
The Architecture of the Italian Renasiance.  
Multi-Level Homes: Split-Level, Bi-Level, Hillside Designs - Split-level home styles reflect upon an approach made popular by Frank Lloyd Wright., American architect Wright held a belief that houses featuring "half floors" could blend more naturally into the landscape. The home's living areas would therefore be removed from private quarters by only a few steps, in place of having one lengthy staircase. ?
Multi-Level Homes:

Split-Level, Bi-Level,
Hillside Designs
In the Neoclassic Style  
New Orleans Houses: A House-Watcher's Guide - One of Pelican Publishing Company's most successful and popular authors, Lloyd Vogt's New Orleans Houses: A House-Watcher's Guide, has gone into its sixth printing, has become the go to reference guide of the Crescent City. building styles He also is the author Historic Buildings of the French Quarter, which won the 2002 book of the year award for the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. ?
New Orleans Houses: A House-Watcher's Guide
Prairie Style  
The Queen Anne House: America's Victorian Vernacular - These Queen Anne houses are debatably the most picturesque and charming of all the Victorian styles. In this first published book about American Queen Anne architecture, renowned preservationist Janet W. Foster acquaints the reader with an insightful look at this house style's’ position in American history architecture. Constructed all across the nation during the late part of 19th century (The Castle Hill Inn, Newport, RI, a classic example of this style), Foster delves into the distinguishing aspects with the Queen Anne style as she analyzes 21 famous homes, a large parte of them unable to bee seen by the general public and never published before. ?
The Queen Anne House: America's Victorian Vernacular
The Ranch House style by Katherine Samon - it's remarkable, that it took until 2003 for a book about ranches to become available. In spite the millions of ranch houses across the entire nation the ranch house has been snubbed by the high-style community. To rectify that insult to all ranch house enthusiasts, Ranch House Style additionally includes meticulously researched, authoritative information on the history of the style, architects, sociological context, designers, and furniture have been included. This book is a serious writing that stands by itself in the field, Additionally, it's a beautiful, practical, and inspirational, decorating book.  ?
The Ranch House style
Regency Style by Steven Parissien - The Regency architecture period ran from 1780 through 1837 and developed one of the best admired architecture and design still today. It merged influences of the the exotic, antique, and the technological originality of the era, to generate an eclectic style which was quintessentially British. This book is an examination of the Regency style, from architectural skeleton to the most intricate details of doors, windows, wallpapers and furniture. It takes a look at these great old houses that symbolized the pinnacle of the style, along with middle-class town house styles in both America and Britain. This is book which is most helpful to those engaged in both renovation and decor. ?
Regency Style

Salt Box and Cape Cod Houses

Santa Fe Style

Second Empire Architecture - An architectural style, at it's peak between 1865 to 1880, and named for it's "French" elements trend during the a Second French Empire era. In France, a noteworthy variation is often referred to as a Napoleon III style. While a unique style while unto itself, several Second Empire styling signs, like quoins, feature indirect relationships to the styles in vogue previously, the Italianate and Gothic Revival periods. This style was initiate in Paris during the late part of the 19th century. *The Hôtel du Palais.and A majority of the construction on the Champs-Élysées . See page on Second Empire Style Homes ?
Second Empire Architecture
Shed Chic
Shingle Style
Stick Style
Shotgun Style
Spanish Eclectic
Tudor Style: Tudor Revival Houses in America from 1890 to the Present- The Tudor Style house is an America keystones, the sort of house that has been attracting homeowners for over a a century. The basic elements, leaded glass mullioned windows, the steep pitch gabled roofs, and the half-timbering-- are recognizable instantly. The iconic. Tudor Style displays the wide array of Tudor homes showing ways in which the American Tudor style is unique from their English equivalents. Well known photographer Paul Rocheleau along with Lee Goff, architectural historian have traveled the nation, photographing the distinctive Tudor styles every geographic region offers. The Tudors shown in the book vary from modest type homes to grandiose estates ?
Tudor Style: Tudor Revival Houses in America from 1890 to the Present
Bringing Tuscany Home  
Victorian Style - by Judith Miller, a fascinating visual study of the richly decorative, eclectic, and ever popular Victorian bygone era. Every aspect of household style is given an in-depth look, from exterior detail to all the interior elements, with particular emphasis on the décor of individual rooms. A commanding text delves into both the social and historical background at the base the period’s appearance, and there’s an abundance of inspiration ideas which home decorators can adapt to fit any budget. house, or lifestyle. ?
Victorian Style
Planned Unit Developments
Planned Unit Developments
Restoring a House in the City: A Guide to Renovating Townhouses, Brownstones, and Row Houses wth Great Style
Restoring a House in the City: A Guide to Renovating Townhouses, Brownstones, and Row Houses
Row House Reborn: Architecture and Neighborhoods in New York City, 1908-1929
Row House Reborn: Architecture and Neighborhoods in New York City, 1908-1929

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