Spanos Park an Upscale Community of Exclusive, Planned Neighborhoods

An Upscale Community of
Exclusive, Planned Residential Areas

Spanos Park, situated within Stockton, is an upscale community of exclusive, planned residential areas. Spanos Park has become the most spirited residential development by the A.G. Spanos Companies ever. Combined, the Spanos Park West and Spanos Park East are over a billion-dollars which make up 3,000 acres of master designed residential communities in the northwest corner of Stockton.

The Spanos Park master plan includes 2,800+ single family homes, three elementary schools, two middle schools, a high school, lakes, parks, recreation centers, bike paths, multi-housing units, executive office campus, retail complex and many other amenities which greatly add to the residents’ quality of life.

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Homeowners enjoy resort-style facilities, a Championship Golf Course, The Reserve, Park West Shopping, neighborhood parks, and Spanos Lake  Spanos Park residents take advantage of all of the city amenities of Stockton while having their serene, enclosed community as haven.

Spanos Park real estate options include single-family detached homes, estate properties and land lots. Spanos Park students attend the Lodi Unified School District and Bear Creek High School.

The City of Stockton is prominently situated along the banks of The San Joaquin Delta inland ship channel which links up with the San Francisco Bay via the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers. Stockton is positioned just 60 miles due East of the San Francisco Bay Area, only 83 miles East of the City of San Francisco, and a short 45 miles due South on Interstate 5 from Sacramento, which is the California Capital. Stockton is served by major roadways, including Interstate 5 and State Routes 4, 99 and 88

Major industries providing employment include educational, health and social services, retail trade and manufacturing. Stockton offers many waterways and parks for outdoor recreation, as well as a thriving arts community for cultural entertainment. Several universities and colleges are also in Stockton for those who wish to attain a degree in higher education.  



Stockton served by Stockton Metropolitan Airport, located on county land just south of city limits. The airport has been approved as a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) and is primarliy employed by agricultural  and manufacturing organizations for shipping reasons. (FTZs) were originated in the U.S. to impart specialized customs practices to U.S. companies involved in international trade-related pursuits.

Since the deregulation of airlines, passenger service has been hit and miss a number of times. Most recently, domestic service resumed in June 2006 with service to Las Vegas by Allegiant Air, and the days of service/number of flights were expanded a few months later due to demand. Ground transportation is available from Hertz, Enterprise, Yellow Cab and Aurora Limousine. Air service to Phoenix began in September 2007. - California International Airports: California Airports


Sharing the Wealth : My Story Alex Spanos - Wow, an inspiration to read a biography on someone so brilliant, straight forward and genuine...A remarkable true rags to riches story. Astounding how he when he was starting out he busted his hump for all he has achieved. While with all of that power and money, he continues to live in the same town he was raised in, how he helped out his hometown and the fact that his family works with him. Simply an inspiration and an authentic all American story of success that anyone will enjoy reading.


Spanos Park weather is temperate, with warm dry days and cool nights in the summer. Winter is most often mild with rare freezing temperatures. Some light rain falls during the winter months. The weather in the summers is warm.  Average annual rainfall is 13.95 inches per year while the average temperature is 63 degrees F. The typical winter temperature is 45.2 degrees F, average spring temperature are around 59.0 degrees F, average summer temperature are about 78.0 degrees F although fall temperature cool off to an average 64.6 degrees F.

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Local Government: Stockton Government

Highways/Major Streets:   Interstate 5,  Trinity Parkway, Eight Mile Road, Mokelumne Circle, Canyonlands, J8-Thornton Road, A.G. Spanos Blvd. Davis Road, Whistler Way.

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Hotels, Motels, Inns:

Stockton offers a large selection of accommodations. With more than 2,000 hotel and motel rooms in the area, you are bound to find what you are looking for. Whether it is for business or pleasure, there is truly something for every taste and pocket book. Search for lodging in Stockton and other San Joaquin County communities

Lakes: Spanos Lake (Man Made) • Spanos Lake (Dusk Photo) • Miramonte Lake


Spanos Park West Map - located in zip code 95219
Spanos Park East Map - located in zip Codes 95209


Parks: Oak Grove Regional Park • Corren Park, Garrigan Park, Baxler Park

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Radio & TV: Strongest Stations near Stockton

Recreation: Golf: The Reserve  at Spanos Park •  Elkhorn Golf and Country Club


Park West Place Shopping   Store Photos, phones and more
I-5 and Eight Mile Road - Trinity Parkway
Stockton, CA 95219
Stockton's newest shopping area conveniently located just off Interstate 5. Target; Kohl's; Bed, Bath & Beyond; Borders; Dress Barn; Famous Footwear; Lane Bryant, PetsMart; Sportmart; Babies R Us, Ross; and more. The center a total of 750,000 square feet on 70 acres at full build out.  Spanos Shopping  •  San Joaquin Shopping

Rivers, Creeks, Sloughs: [Photos] Pixley Slough [1] [2] [3] • Disappointment SloughBear Creek


Stockton, Lodi, Manteca, Woodbridge restaurant guide with addresses,  photographs, menu information, restaurant links and maps when available all in one convenient location.

Schools: Spanos Park School are all in The Lodi Unified School District. They include:  Spanos Park West: Silva School  • Spanos Park East: John Muir, Julia Morgan, Julia Morgan School Photo - Bear Creek High, Elkhorn Middle School

School Reports:

John Muir Elementary  • Julia Morgan Elementary  •  Silvia Elementary School  • Christina McAuliffee Middle School  •  Bear Creek High SchoolLodi Unified School District

Transportation: Stockton Transportation is serviced by five regional bus lines and one major bus line. There are six taxi cab companies, five limousine service companies. three interstate highways, six California State highways, four passenger train systems and of course the Port of Stockton with a Deep Channel all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge.


Walkability is a measure of how friendly an area is to walking. Brookside Walkability has many health, environmental, and economic benefits. However, evaluating walkability is challenging because it requires the consideration of many subjective factors. Factors influencing walkability include the presence or absence and quality of sidewalks or other pedestrian right-of-ways, traffic and road conditions, land use patterns, building accessibility, destinations, schools, parks, and safety, among others. Walkability is an important concept in sustainable urban design

Zip Codes: Spanos West - 95219 • Spanos East - 95209

Real Estate

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As a consequence of the population increase, Stockton found itself squarely at the center of the United States' speculative housing bubble during the 2000s. Real estate in Stockton more than tripled in value between 1998 and 2005, but when the bubble burst in 2007, the ensuing financial crisis arguably hit Stockton harder than any other city in America. Stockton housing prices fell 39% in the 2008 fiscal year, and the city had the country's highest foreclosure rate (9.5%) as well.
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Keep in mind that with all the foreclosures and the low prices, sales are running at an all time high with out-of-town investors grabbing up the bargain real estate properties.

Wright Realtors can help buyers find real estate in Spanos Park as well as real estate in other neighborhoods in Stockton. Wright Realtors has comprehensive real estate guides with up-to-date information about housing prices, latest Spanos Park real estate trends, market activity, and neighborhood information, such as Stockton crime statistics, average household income, and a school district overview.

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Sharing the Wealth - Alex Spanos - How refreshing to read a bio on someone so smart, straight forward and real...A great true story of rags to riches. Amazing how he started out and busted his butt for everything he has today. And with all of his money and power, he still lives in the town he grew up in, has helped his hometown alot and has all of his family working with him. Very inspiring and a true all American success story

San Joaquin County

San Joaquin County boasts eleven cities and some of the finest opportunities in the state for boating, fishing, camping, history-gathering, or just plain fun in the sun. The county is one of the most agriculturally rich regions in California and is the number one producer, statewide, of asparagus. Twenty-four thousand acres of county farmland is dedicated to production of this crop

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Spanos Park an Exclusive Upscale Community . Spanos Park an Exclusive Upscale Community