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Real Estate Resource Guide ~ a searchable index of real estate service providers in the Central Valley of California. and presently it includes real estate service providers in the Escalon, Lathrop, Linden, Lockeford, Lodi, Manteca, Mountain House, Stockton, Ripom, Tracy and Woodbridge. Real Estate Service Guide providers include alarm companies, home inspection services, handymen, home insurance providers, mortgage and finance companies and agents, real estate appraisers, title companies / real estate attorneys, pest control companies, and home repair companies.

Real Estate Service guide providers are invited to voluntarily submit their FREE business profile on line, and return anytime to modify it free of charge. They are able to purchase enhanced site options at reasonable fees to allow internet visitors to click to their web site or email of record, which features their company / service on various searches made by visitors seeking real estate information and assistance on the internet. Consumers of Real Estate Services Guide will find this a useful INTERNET resource for researching and finding assistance in the real estate industry for their specific needs in the Northern California Central Valley.

Real Estate Resources

Architecture Guide
    Architecture Guide. See the styles from Art Deco to Victorian and everything in between.
Cleaning Services Directory Home Improvement Companies Home Inspection Services
    Home Inspection Section Home Inspector Photo If you are buying a home, you need to know exactly what you are getting. A home inspection, performed by a professional home inspector, will reveal any hidden problems with the home so that they may be addressed BEFORE the sale is closed. You should require an inspection at the time you make a formal offer.
Home Maintenance Section
    Home Maintenance Page. All homes require regular maintenance in order to preserve their beauty and value. an understanding of how to care for each feature in your home will prevent costly repairs and replacements later.
Home Warranty
    Home Warranty Company Section Home warranty protection plans may offer different levels of coverage. For example, by paying a higher annual premium, you may also cover things like air conditioning, clothes washer and dryer and even swimming pool equipment.
Kids Web Page Moving Section
    Newcomers Relocation Services Section  A list of just about every thing needed to quickly adjust  to your new San Joaquin Community.
    Organized Move Proven tips to make your relocation go smoothly
    Relocating Strategies Relocating can feel like an imminent auto accident but it doesn't have to be that way. Whether moving your family is a treat or a torture depends a lot on your approach. The secret to avoiding stress is remaining positive, believing that moving is primarily a time of discovery, not regrets<
Pest Control Section
    Pest Control Company Section. Homeowners are usually reluctant to admit to potential buyers that their homes have been damaged by termites. For some people, the mere mention of the words "termite damage" conjures up images of tiny insects with very big teeth dining on weight-bearing wood beams until a home collapses in a heap of sawdust. Thankfully, this is not usually the case.
Real Estate Glossary
    Real Estate Glossary Buying and selling a home can be a scary experience, even if it isn't your first one. Use this glossary to make yourself more prepared for the professionals and documents you'll encounter in your real estate experiences
Title and Escrow Section
    Title & Escrow Company Section. Title insurance is more than a product, it is a process. When a homebuyer and a home seller come to terms, the process opens with the preparation of a contract and closes with the issuance of a title policy. Title insurance is one of the key elements in this process. A prefatory step is the creation of the contract between the parties. This contract, called closing or escrow instructions in most areas, is usually prepared by a title company. It binds the parties and sets in motion the steps leading to the closing.
Repair Services Directory Local Real Estate Lenders
    Real Estate Lenders. If you talk to a loan officer, he (or she) will probably say the lender they work for is "the best" and give you a list of reasons why. If you meet the same loan officer years later and he works for a different kind of lender, he will give you a list of reasons why that type of lender is better. Realtors have differing opinions and, as a group, their opinions have changed over time. In the past, most would often recommend portfolio lenders - because they almost always closed the deal. As time passed, mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers became more important, and agents switched along with the changing times.
Real Estate Trivia
    Real Estate Trivia.
    What present governor was in real estate?
    Name the movies filmed in Stockton?
    What was the original purpose of the Hollywood Sign?
    These answers and more on the real estate trivia page
Rentals & Property Management Roofing Umbrella PictureWould you go out in the rain with a defective umbrella? - then why ignore the condition of your roof ? So many people do though until its too late & water damage has occurred. Most people when questioned about this attitude actually knew that their roof was in poor order but decided to ignore the fact - out of site out of mind seems to be a common theme.

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Alarm Systems
    Installing a home security system is one of the most effective burglar deterrents available. Many burglars are opportunity offenders, which means they are not going to go out of their way if you have taken steps to make breaking into your home difficult for them. Most likely, a burglar won't find your home an "easy target" if you have a home security system. Also, you can save anywhere from 5% to 20% off your home owners insurance if you have a home alarm security system.

Carpet Cleaning Carpets & Floors Chimney Inspections Fireplace & Brick Repair
    Brick Art 209-470-2560
    Val Gutierrez 209-473-7183
General Contractors
    Borges Construction
    Cecil Pugh (209) 952-3721
Glass Heating and Air Conditioning Inspection
    A furnace inspection and tune-up should only be performed by a trained technician. An inspection looks for safety issues as well as efficiency problems. On the typical forced air furnace used in this area, important things to check for include: cracks in the heat exchanger letting carbon monoxide into a home, blocked registers, blocked air returns, burner was cleaned within the last year (oil burners) or three years (gas burners). The furnace's efficiency should be measured both before and after the tune-up, to give a measure of the system's initial performance and to check that the tune-up measures produced the expected improvements.
Area Heating & Air Conditioning Companies

Homeowners Insurance

    Homeowner Insurance Checklidt Homeowners insurance provides financial protection against disasters. A standard policy insures the home itself and the things you keep in it. Homeowners insurance is a package policy. This means that it covers both damage to your property and your liability or legal responsibility for any injuries and property damage you or members of your family cause to other people. This includes damage caused by household pets.

Insurance Companies Kennels Landscaping
    Greenline Landscaping 933-0327
    Ireland Landscape Company 462-7371
Locksmiths Moving Companies
On-line moving company information Plumbing Drains Unstopped
    Most companies use state of the art equipment to examine your pipe and drains. They use video camera to examine your main line, as a part of the initial cost to you. This is provided as a service so both you and plumbing company know that your pipes have been fully cleaned and are free of any blockage. They will use products by both Root X and Perma-Liner to fix broken or cracked lines without the need to replace existing pipes.

    Local Companies
    Drain Patrol
    Rescue Rooter
Public Storage Retirement
    Independent living communities generally consist of homes, condominiums, apartments, and/or mobile and motor homes where residents maintain an independent lifestyle. Some independent living communities also include subsidized housing that offers rental assistance from the federal government.

    Retirement Communities
    The Commons on Thornton
    Fulton Villa
    Plymouth Square
    River Garden
    Somerford Place
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