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Home Energy Savings: 

    Daylighting and shading analysis of physical building models to optimize envelope design,

    Advice on site orientation, glazing, shading, daylighting, and electric lighting systems,

    Electric lighting system, demonstrations and discussion of the pros and cons of different approaches to electric lighting in particular buildings and building types,

    Identifying applicable incentive programs for energy-related measures, including Savings By Design, Express Efficiency, and Standard Performance Contract,

    Performance measurement tools for existing building systems evaluation and efficiency enhancements supported by protocols for tool use.

Moving Tips and Costs

    Six Week Checklist for a Good Move From six weeks out to the day of your move, find out what you need to do.

    Get Organized
    Handy tips on organizing, packing, and moving items like kitchen supplies, clothes, and outdoor equipment.

    Tips for Moving Kids How to help children adjust throughout the moving process.

    Packing It Up Essential information you need on packing personal items, how to properly label your cartons, and a list of supplies you'll need.

    It's Your Move Keep all areas of your move running smoothly with these tips on change of address, utility shutoff, school transfers, and travel arrangements to your new home.

    Restricted Items Learn what items movers cannot transport.

    You've Arrived: Settling Into Your New Home From handling pets to managing the movers, here's how to manage the move into your new home.

    Even More Hints More tips on moving unique items like grandfather clocks, plants, medicines and more.

    How to Choose an International Mover Tips on dealing with an international mover including how to deal with customers, packing techniques, and insurance options for international moves.

Remodeling Online:  Home improvement projects just got easier with this site! It is a good tool for consumers, providing design ideas, how-to ideas, as well as a Find-A-Pro guide to remodelers and designers. How to Do It Yourself: Handy resource guides for "do it yourself" home improvement projects

www.bobvila.com: For over 18 years, America's Handy Man, Bob Vila has become a household name for remodeling and maintenance in your home. He's brought home improvement to TV, and now it's online!

www.todayshomeowner.com: Visit this site for expert advice on improving your home! Whether you're fixing your bathroom, working on lighting or just need a tip for growing your own tomatoes, it's all here!

www.livinghome.com: USA Weekend calls this site the top home & garden pick. From simple to ornate, there's plenty of information on do-it-yourself gardening, remodeling, decorating and design.

www.kitchen-bath.com: This is truly the center of the kitchen and bath universe! This site turns bath and kitchen remodeling into a fun project for you.

www.acmehowto.com/:  Learn how to fix appliances, repair electrical problems, resolve plumbing problems, set up home theater equipment, get gardening tips, repair a PC, fix doors and windows and much, much more. Learn how from our free repair guides and do it yourself.

In this Do-It-Yourselfer's guide we provide articles and information to show you how to diagnose and repair the things you use in and around your home. Our library contains information on appliances, electrical, plumbing, door & windows, gardening, home theater, heating and cooling systems and much more. Check back regularly as we are always adding new information

Home Decorating Ideas: Interior design and decorating

Country Living: All you want to know about country living is just a click away. You can shop online or tour the gallery of specialty homes and kitchens. There's also a craft workshop where you can learn to make your own works of art!

www.marthastewart.com: Her name goes hand-in-hand with home decorating, gardening, sewing, cooking; you name it. Better living tips and ideas are given online and on her TV and radio shows. Have a question for Martha? Submit it online and she may answer it on her TV show, "askMartha." You can check for air times online.

Home Furnishing Ideas: More interior design and decorating.

www.housebeautiful.com: Want to design your ideal kitchen? What about outdoor living spaces? Great design ideas are abundant! Any other burning questions? You can ask Peggy, the editor who answers all your personal design questions.

www.living.com: You'll find everything and anything in home furnishings and accessories at living.com. A truly amazing resource for outfitting your home.

www.applianceorder.com: A great place to find a wide range of appliances and order them right over the internet!

Baby Boutique: Finding out a new baby is on the way is very exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. The Baby Boutique makes it easier for families to choose from the best baby bedding and cribs available without having to search for hours. Only the finest furniture, bedding and accessories for your new arrival.

Gardening: Garden, landscape, and plant related web sites.

www.vg.com: This virtual garden gives you the gardening basics, answers your gardening questions and has tips for both the novice and the expert gardener. Other links allow you to further explore a virtual garden.

www.familygardening.com: Get gardening tips, tips for the growing season, plant and garden care information, local and regional weather, project ideas, and even gardening tips for kids! You can also ask questions or order products online. And for the true green-thumbs, you can prove your knowledge by playing gardening trivia.

www.garden.com: Welcome to this definitive online resource for gardening in today's world! It has more than 15,000 products such as bulbs, organic products, gardening tools, outdoor accessories and furniture, books, seeds, and gifts. The ultimate selection is direct from the growers!

Bloom @ homearts.com: For the cultivated gardener in us all! Everything you need and want to know about gardening is all on this site! Go into the gardener's library, the ultimate reference center; trade with other gardeners on the web in the "Seed Swap;" talk to gardeners around the world in the "Potter's Shed" or take a tour down the garden path.p>

www.growit.com: Wholesale nurseries, landscape plant buyer's guide, gardening and nursing supplies, greenhouses, etc. Plus everything you need and want to know about growing plants and gardening is on this site!

Garden Gate: Yet another site of gardening tips and ideas galore! It features Garden Gate, a "how-to" and illustrated guide to home gardening and design .

Fine Gardening: An online guide to fine gardening with discussions on gardening in the "Gardener's Exchange" and features on design, techniques, plants, and structures.

Garden Crazy: Click on one of the three links, either the U.S., Canada or International, to come in through the garden's gate! Whether you're a true garden fanatic or just a weekend gardener, you've come to the right place. This is the most complete garden center online, where you can view a growing selection of over 8,000 gardening products.

gardenhelper.com: This is your guide to gardening and growing your favorite plants and flowers. You can create your own perfect garden with the help of the garden helper! 

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