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How Home Warranty Protection Plans Work

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Benefits of Home Warranty Coverage

    To the Seller:
    • Home may sell faster and at a higher price.
    • Optional coverage during the listing period.
    • Protection from after-sale legal disputes.
    • Increases marketability of home.
    To the Buyer:
    • Warranty coverage on major systems and built-in appliances.
    • Protects your cash flow.
    • Puts a complete network of qualified service technicians at your fingertips.
    • Low deductible

General description of how home warranty protection plans work:

    You pay an annual premium for coverage.
    When a repair is needed you call the plan's service provider 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    An authorized service contractor comes to your home.
    You pay a small service fee - typically in the range of $35 to $50 - and the contractor makes the repairs or recommends the appliance be replaced.

    What does a home warranty protection plan cover?
    Each company's plan has different lists of what is covered. Check your specific policy for a full description.

    Most plans offer repair or replacement coverage for a home's:

    The following major appliances may also be included:

    Home warranty protection plans may offer different levels of coverage. For example, by paying a higher annual premium, you may also cover things like air conditioning, clothes washer and dryer and even swimming pool equipment.

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