Eat This Not That! 2010: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution

 Eat This Not That! 2010: The No-Diet Weight Loss SolutionEat This Not That! 2010: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution. Eat All Your Favorite Foods—And Watch the Pounds Disappear!

Two years after the overwhelming success of the original Eat This, Not That! Co-authors Matt and Dave noted an interesting trend: restaurants cleaned up their menus! With consumers avoiding the country's worst calorie diets, some restaurants found it convenient to remove them from the menu altogether. Consider it:

· After Chili's Awesome Blossom finished second in the "Worst Foods in America" ​​list, Chili has taken the appetizer out of the menu altogether.

· Pepperidge Farm, after being included in the list of the worst foods, followed suit and set her roast chicken pie.

· When Jamba Juice was featured on the list of the worst drinks in America, the chain stopped serving the largest size of their Chocolate Moo'd smoothies and once again committed to becoming one of the country's healthiest restaurant chains.

The problem is, when the old calorie breeds were eliminated, a new army of bombs took their place. That's why the authors have Eat This, Not That! 2010 to strengthen you with the knowledge to fight a food industry that is anxious to sabotage your waistline with unwanted and unnecessary calories. In this new and expanded edition you will find fresh comparisons between restaurants and supermarkets, an encyclopedia of food packaging and the invaluable guide to healthy eating on a budget. In essence, you will learn how to easily make food swaps that will help you move 10, 20, 30 pounds or more away.

Did you know already:

· If you choose Prime Rib over Outback's Baby Back Ribs, will you save more than 2,000 calories? · You can save nearly 500 calories and more than 20 grams of fat by simply ordering your banana split from Dairy Queen instead of Baskin Robbins? · A Stouffer's White Meat chicken pot pie has as much saturated fat as 6 scoops of ice cream? (Choose our alternative and save more than 900 calories!)


DAVID ZINCZENKO is Editor-in-Chief of Men's Health and publisher of Women's Health. He is a regular contributor to the Today Show and has appeared in Oprah, 20/20 and Primetime Live.

MATT GOULDING is the publisher of Men's Health. He has cooked and eaten all over the world and now lives in Pennsylvania.

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