The Ultimate Bookstore

There are books you have read, however there are those books that alter your life. We can all reflect upon those books that helped form our perspective over religion,, politics, love and money. A few have even become an inspiration source for our entire lives. From what seems like an infinite book list of literal or anecdotal appeal, we have narrowed the list down to a mere top 100 books which have influenced the lives of individuals while also helping to define a wider range cultural ideas of being human.

Whether it's a book on manners,, adventure, or war there is such a vast array of great questions of life to learn from these treasures. Tell us in your comments which of the books on this you loved, hated, along with the omitted books that should have been on the list which had a lot of meaning for you (you can really get piqued over your all-time favorite book). So without further ado, here is the list. 100 Books You Must Read: The Essential Library Part I