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Mar 29

The Top Ten Homeowner Tax Deductions
As the time for filing income tax returns nears, we should take a fresh look at the shifting tax terrain for homeowners. Each tax year, the dynamic character within Washington, D.C. differently effects the tax breaks set forth, rescinded, altered, and extended for home owning taxpayers.

Mar 27

Prepare Your Garden for Spring
Spring is my all time favorite. I can go out in my garden, dirty my hands, and spend time taking care of my flowers, shrubs and vegetables. This spring, I’m enhancing my traditions of the season by studying how honeybees help in growing my garden. Whether you're ready to go full out or just tiptoeing into your garden for the very first time, make an eco-friendly choice as you start getting your lawn ready for warmer temperatures.

Mar 14

Capital Gains Tax Increases for Some Taxpayers
To get around the so-called January 1st, 2013 'fiscal cliff', Congress passed the 2012 American Tax Relief Act (TATRA). TATRA made no modifications to the Medicare 3.8% surtax¹, which happened as scheduled on January 1, 2013. However, TATRA did increase the highest tax rate on capital gains. Effective beginning January 1, 2013, this new top tax rate on capital gains increased from 15% up to 20% on individuals having gross adjusted incomes (AGI) over $400,000 and for married couples who file jointly with gross adjusted incomes over $450,000.

Mar 11
Use Your Foresight to Avoid Buyer's Remorse
You can be certain even while in the midst of such uncertainty. Pundits and professionals cannot agree on where prices are going and other circumstances of the current housing market, however if you're positive you want to join the ranks of homeowners, or to sell now and move to your next "best place," then go for it.


Mar 07
Clean up your home during March — before spring gets here
 Clean up your home during March — before spring gets hereFirst, spend about an hour on strategy and shopping before you begin, and you'll save many hours time wasted When spring gets here, the very last thing the majority of us feel like doing is spending an entire weekend cleaning up the place we've already been stuck in for months on end..  
Mar 06

Getting ready for a home inspection
Repair or ReplaceHome inspections are an essential element of buying and selling real estate for both buyers and sellers. As soon as you have an accepted contract on your home, ordering a home inspection is an important element of the enigma. Preparing for an inspection may be just as important. In fact, I strongly believe that those home sellers who spend a little extra time getting ready for the home inspection will have a more efficient inspection.

Mar 04

What Do Today's Home Buyers Want, Really?
So just what is it that home purchasers really want? The number one request is energy efficiency. The top Four of the most desired features have to do with saving energy: over 94 percent of all home purchasers want appliances with energy-star ratings , 91 percent want the entire home to have energy-star ratings, 89 percent want windows with energy-star ratings, and 88 percent desire ceiling fans.

Mar 01
Sweaty Windows, What Can You Do About Them?
 You may want to tell me to go soak my head, because I'm discussing window condensation, however this is because I receive many questions about winter time foggy windows. Although, I often receive calls from homeowners with concerns over their windows 'condensing' or leaking either on the inside or outside their home because there's moisture appearing on the glass.

Outsmarting Foreclosure Competition
Actually purchasing one is even more of a problem. Last year the bargain-basement supply of foreclosure homes dwindled, as banks temporarily refrained from repossessing properties and to review potential paperwork mistakes. However there should be a whole new ball game in 2012. Lenders have resumed filing notices of foreclosure, so more distressed homes are anticipated to be for sale. "There’s such a buyer demand . "Whenever these foreclosures hit the MLS will be snatched up right away. Let's look at how buyers can locate these foreclosures and have their offers stand above their competition:

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