Five Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drain

Here are the Biggest Polluters

It's staggering when you think that almost half of all sources of above ground water are contaminated by what you and I perform when at our homes. What we pour down the drain while inside our dwellings and allow to go down the outside storm drains all take a toll. Here are the biggest polluters along with five of the most common things you should never put down your drain.

1. Unwanted or Old Medication

If you have medicine past that's past the expiration date or you no longer are taking , don't flush it down the toilet unless it specifically tells you to on the bottle. Instead, put the medicine in your trash inside a sealed bag along with your coffee grounds or deliver it to a responsible medical disposal company. Many pharmacies have partnered with medical waste companies that will properly dispose of your old medical prescriptions while many companies let you to directly return your medicines to them.

2. Grease

I know, its tempting just to pour used grease you cooked with down your drain. STOP! Grease not only clogs up your own drains but also those throughout your neighborhood. The reason is that as grease hardens it easily clogs up your sewage pipes while actually pushing raw sewage back inside your home or inside your neighbors homes. Just keep a grease container under your sink to accumulate cooking grease and as it becomes full, deliver it to a recycling center. Oh, sure, it takes more effort but it's much more agreeable than calling someone to clean out your drains.

3. Pesticides and Fertilizers

Excess nutrients are one more major contamination source. When we apply more fertilizer than necessary on our lawn, the excess runs off into our storm drains and ends up right in our waterways. This overload of nutrients creates algae bloom, which takes oxygen out of the water. This literally chokes life out of vital water creatures which help to improve the water's quality. To avoid all of this, only use the quantity of lawn chemicals actually necessary and only where and when you need them.

4. Used Motor Oil

Never pour motor oil in a storm drain. Those drain direct to local waterways while a single gallon of used motor oil can pollute one million gallons of fresh water. Old motor oil is one more item you should drop take to a recycling center. And, when you have your oil changed, be sure and support those companies that recycle used motor oil.

5. Pet Waste

Lastly, scoop up the poop. Pet waste is raw sewage for the reason that it includes harmful microorganisms and parasites that can be spread to humans. When it rains, this bacteria and parasites and can be swept into local storm drains. It is better to clean up your pet's waste and place it into the trashcan.

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