Preparing Your Home to Sell This Fall

The Fall Time of Year Typically Sees Some Slow Down in Home Sales

However, I'm not saying the timing is bad to be selling; you just may have to exert a little bit of extra effort to make certain that your home is the one that stands head and shoulders above the other homes on the market.

The beauty of autumn helps in creating on the spot curb appeal to your home. The warm pumpkin tones of the leaves in, red and gold provide a lovely natural backdrop for your property. It's for certain that the rich colors of fall’ along with it's warm hues will help in creating a notable first impression of your home. Now take the extra step by doing a little work and make your home that much more ready to sell this fall.

Keep your lawn maintained.

Yes, your lawn still requires care and attention throughout the entire fall season and now is not the time to quit, especially if you need to sell! Keep your lawn maintained by raking or blowing twigs and leaves and repairing brown spots. Prune bushes and shrubs. And while you're at it, ensure that your walks are free of debris and leaves. Now is also the time to clean out gutters and downspouts.

Front Entry

Your front entry should be an Autumn focal point by creating a welcoming warm feel to your front walk and porch areas. First impressions do make a difference, so plan on setting a favorable tone tor prospective home buyers. Dress up your front entry using tasteful fall plants and décor. A fall themed door wreath will add instant warmth and appeal. The splendor of fall flowers are just waiting for you to take advantage of. An array of colorful mums in pots on both sides of your front door is a fast simple way to help guide the eye towards your front entrance. Or, with Halloween coming up, think about adding some urns with fall flowers and plants or even gourds and pumpkins for terrific color to create a really stunning initial impression.

Fall Home Selling


Inside, highlight your fireplace; it is a great fall selling feature. Let your fireplace stand out by making it a focal point. For starters, add a treasured vase collection filled using fresh fall flowers or even candles to pull the eye upward or perhaps beautiful artwork on the mantle . Snuggling furniture about the fireplace is one more way to turn a fireplace the focal point within any room. Add some cozy cushions plus a throw to your chairs or couch surrounding your fireplace to finalize the mood.

Make your widows sparkle

Clean the widows and open your curtains and blinds to let in more light. If your home has a great outside view, be sure to promote it! In fact, everything about your home ought to be clean and sparkling for showings. Pay specific attention to the entry where debris and fall leaves can come in from outdoors while shoes with mud can leave messy floors. Naturally, no matter what season it is, be sure to de-clutter prior even thinking of having prospective home buyers come into your home.

Adding Flowers

Adding flowers on the inside of your home will play upon a festive fall ambiance. Fall flowers can be added to practically any room in your home and creates an instant fresh look. Flowers are always beautiful. Rooms containing fresh cut flowers take on an inviting and warm appearance. For instance, a fall centerpiece in the center of the table in the dining room is sure to be noticeable and make a favorable impression. You can also benefit from a sense of smell. Maybe a little baking prior to showings will create a mood. If time is limited, a pot of warm apple cider, cinnamon concocting on the stove or even lightly scented candles and will go a long way in creating a warm feeling within your home.

Make certain everything works and appears fresh

.It all should be in proper working order. No loose knobs or handles, no leaky toilets, ceilings and walls should be dirt free with no chipping paint. Heed the advice of your real estate agent to gain an unbiased view of any work which absolutely must be done to assure a fast sale of your home. Sometimes interior or a little exterior painting may be all that is required to freshen a home up and make it saleable.

Get the expertise of an experienced Realtor

If you do not already know one, take some time to meet an agent with experience to represent you. It's very important to create a working relationship with an agent who has experience with whom you feel comfortable. Your realtor will become an active partner during each step of the sales process. Your agent is an invaluable source facts from guidance on housing market situations, comparable prices, neighborhood information trends plus much more. Your agent will begin by helping you properly price your house. Several buyers may be seeking a bargain prior to the holidays while your agent will provide sound advice to put competitive price on your home.  

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