Escrow Coordinator

Transaction Fees

$500.00 Per Escrow
Fee Can Be Paid for in Escrow.
Services that we provide:
• Open Escrow (if your Buyer) forward buyer's deposit to escrow
• Work closely with the escrow officer throughout the entire transaction
• Give the file to you at close of escrow
• Maintain your file during the escrow
• Keep a communication Log
• Send introductory letter to your customer and the other agent upon receipt of the file
• Track dates and calendar items per the contract (Contingency Removals etc)
• Remind you and the other agent of the contingency removals and calendar items
   that become due
• Schedule inspections and notify your client and the other agent of the schedule
• Order and follow up upon receipt of inspection reports
• Give pay off information / Homeowners Association Information
• Order natural hazard reports, home warranty etc., (as per contract)
• Forward all paperwork, reports, disclosures to customer for signatures (if you
  choose to have that done)
• Forward all applicable disclosures to the other agent OR request disclosures
   from the other agent
• Clerical services in connection with specific transaction
• Provide escrow net sheet to you for approval and then fax to title
• Make sure broker/office file is complete at close of escrow
• At close of escrow provide you with a complete file


Services that we do not provide:

• Personal Assistant
• Negotiate
• Meet inspectors, Appraisers, (or run comps) Hold Open Houses, etc.
• Sign any documents for customer or agents
• Anything that requests leaving the office
• Perform any duties that would be considered a violation of California Real Estate

The Real Estate Transaction Lifecycle from the
Transaction Coordinator’s Perspective

Purchase Contract Accepted

Receive Contract from you or Buyers Agent

Open Escrow

(if your buyer) Send Deposit Check to

Fax / email Contract to the Loan Officer (If our Buyer)

Schedule all Requested Inspections

Send Introductory Letter to Client & Other Agent as well as the Calendar of Events, Inspections Ordered List of Dates & Times  & Request for Disclosures Call Client & Agent to Introduce Escrow Services Calendar Due Dates for Contingency Removals, etc.
Turn Broker Copy File to Your Office Begin Process of Collecting All Documents

As Disclosures come in, Escrow Services will send you the copies that are needed for your and Buyers Signature . 

Buyers Loan Documents are Ordered. Make sure any work required ie, Termite Sec. 1, Roof Repairs are completed Make Sure We or the Other Agent has Removed All Contingencies per Contract Dates Follow up with Loan Officer to make sure Buyer is Loan Approved and the Appraisal has come back at sales price along with any conditions that may or may not be required.

Buyers Loan Documents Arrive in Title.  Call and Schedule for Buyer to sign off Documents.


Buyers Documents go into Review for 48 to 72 Hours Make Sure all documents required are in the file, dated and signed and prepare file to go to Broker for Payment for Real Estate Agent


Funding Takes Place Buyer Goes on Record
**Close of Escrow Day**

Collect Commission Checks from Title, Send them along with Agents Complete File to Accounts Payable for Agent Payment


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