Moving Checklist

Moving is high on the list of the more demanding things you can do in your life

This is where you end your daily life as you know it and all that's familiar, toss everything in the back of a moving truck, then look for what appears when you arrive at where you're going. nearly 1 out of every 7 people in the US do this every year. Here's a list that offers tips on every subject about moving from relocating your pets and children to meeting with new neighbors and finding your way around the new community. 

In this book, 'Complete Idiots Guide to a Smart Move' - Perhaps Americans move around more often than any other society in the world, although few master the details of moving without running into confusion, major trauma, along with many unpleasant surprises. This book by Ramsey should fix all of this! The book doesn't leave out a trick, beginning with a countdown of those preparations required in advance to tips on diminishing the moving trauma for kids, every facet is covered in detail, including choosing a mover and/or moving vehicle, packing and unpacking tips, suggestions for getting the family working together, and safely moving plants and pets. Moving day safety, budgets, "survival kits", and settling into the new neighborhood are described in detail in this very thorough guide for diminishing the ordeal of moving.

Give Stockton Address Change To . . .

    • Post Office
    • Charge Accounts, Credit Cards.
    • Subscriptions: Notice requires several weeks
    • Friends and Relatives
    • Transfer funds, arrange check cashing in new city.
    • Arrange credit references


    • Notify insurance company of new location for overages: Life, Health, Fire & Auto, Homeowners.

Utility Companies

    • Electricity, Heating, water, Sewer, Telephone, Garbage. See Switch local utilities
    • Obtain refunds on any deposits made.

Medical, Dental, Prescriptions Histories

    • Ask Doctor & Dentist for referrals.
    • Transfer needed prescriptions, eyeglasses, X-rays.
    • Obtain birth records, medical records, etc.

And Don't Forget To . . .

    • Defrost freezer and clean refrigerator.
    • Place charcoal to dispel odors.
    • Have appliances serviced for moving
    • Clean rugs or clothing before moving
    • Arrange to have items wrapped for moving.
    • Check with your Moving Counselor: Insurance coverage, packing & unpacking labor, arrival day, various shipping papers, method and time of expected payment.
    • Plan for special car needs of infants.

On Moving Day

    • Carry enough cash or travelers checks to cover cost of moving services and expenses until you make banking connections in the new city.

    • Carry jewelry and documents yourself, or use registered mail

At Your New Address

    • Plan for transporting pets; they are poor traveling companions if unhappy.
    • Double-check closets, drawers & shelves to be sure they are empty.
    • Leave old keys needed by new owner with Realtor or neighbor.
    • Check on service of telephone, gas, electricity & water.
    • Check pilot light on stove, water heater, incinerator & furnace.
    • Have new address recorded on driver’s license.
    • Register car within 5 days after arrival in state or a penalty may have to be paid when getting new license plates.
    • Apply for state driver’s license.
    • Register children in school.
    • Arrange for medical services: Doctor, Dentist, etc.
Moving outside your state takes quite a bit more planning and preparation work than moving across town. You'll need to consider the differences in housing options, tax rates, schools and various ways to actually make your move. Moving outside the state means you must complete pack up everything . You just can not throw your stuff in the bed of your pick-up and take off down the road to a new place 


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