Top 10 Romantic Homes of 2012

Everywhere You Go, It's Hard to Miss

Stores are loading up with heart-shaped bright read boxes containing candy while shelves full of greeting cards are overflowing with Valentine's day cards. Girls are getting dreamy anticipating prospects of receiving enormous torrent of love from boyfriends while boyfriends have already started worrying about celebrating Valentines Day in some way to keep her happy but not breaking their bank. Wives have begun expecting and husbands have forgotten, while shopkeepers are looking forward to a boost in profits for this new fiscal year. At a time when teachers were slowly running out of pursuits during these mid-winter doldrums, then Valentine’s Day comes ushering in with brightly colored paper, ribbons, paper lace doilies, glue and scissors while children are again excited doing new creations. Valentine’s Day is arriving again, while the thoughts of everyone are leaning toward romance.

Here is a list of the most beautiful homes in the world which are romantic enough to emit love feelings for each day during the year, a long time after the passing of Valentine’s Day has turned to a foggy memory. The Most Romantic Top Ten Homes for 2012 will grab your heartstrings the same as they did ours. For example, how would you feel living in your own Italianate villa resting upon a hilltop which overlooks your own olive grove and vineyard which views the Napa Valley down below?

Or in place of simply getting away for the weekend in some romantic inn, why don't you just buy it for yourself and take pleasure in those special weekends all throughout the year! Or for those of you that are more adventurous, fly off to South France and encounter the spectacular beauty of the Coco Chanel estate that overlooks the Mediterranean where the herbes de Provence are growing wild just waiting to be picked in the high hills above. There's even a magical replica of French farmhouse in California bounded by an adjoining wildlife preserve which transports your sense of location to a French countryside.

Come take a look at some of the more romantic properties that are for sale today. If you just aren't in a position to include a key for one of these properties in this year's Valentine card, then at least s

1. Coco Chanel Estate
If she’s only expecting Chanel No. 5 for Valentine’s Day this year, why not give her the thrill of her life by honoring her with Coco Chanel’s romantic estate, Villa La Pausa, in the South of France!

2. Katharine Hepburn Home
Exuding a passion for life like few others, Katharine Hepburn created a special presence wherever she went. When she opened her mouth to speak, we hung on in anticipation. Charming, genteel and with barely contained enthusiasm, Katharine Hepburn was one of those remarkable women with a style unlike any other.

3. Elegant Provencal Farmhouse
From the barrel-tiled roof, to the vined walls to the handmade terracotta floor tiles, you’ll think you’ve been transported to another continent where life is gentle and the only sound you may hear is a duck splashing happily among the reeds in the pond.

4. Cedar Grove
There are many historical love stories emanating from the South, but we’re particularly enchanted by that of John Alexander Klein and Elizabeth Bartley Day. Though today our social mores would likely frown upon the match, the Victorians saw love differently.

5. Romantic Maison de Pierre
Jack London already knew the romantic mystery of the Sonoma Valley when he penned Valley of the Moon as long ago as 1913. So maybe it’s not surprising that Maison de Pierre holds the key to one of the most inspiring modern-day love stories we may ever hope to hear.

6. Fabulous Aspen Estate
Built on a babbling creek to resemble a mountain village, Jigsaw Ranch is the answer for those with romantic inclinations that come alive in front of a roaring fire on a snowy night.

7. Amazing San Francisco & Golden Gate Bridge Views!
Thoughts turn to romance while enjoying your after-dinner brandy and coffee on the terrace, looking across the water to the lights of the Golden Gate Bridge while listening to the fog horns announcing an incoming wall of haze.

8. Story New York Townhouse
Ask Carrie and Samantha if there’s any sexier place to be than New York City. They’ve taken us to some pretty hot night spots, to art galleries, to the Park and to parties in some of the most glamorous residences in town.

9. ‘Stranded’ on Your Own Private Island
Arthur Vining Davis, chairman of Alcoa and owner of Arvida Corporation among others, was a man who always sought privacy. He disliked the never-ending media onslaught that followed his numerous confrontations with the government over anti-trust issues, as well as being singled out as being one of the wealthiest men in the world and the associated curiosity that brought to bear.

10. Tammy Wynette-George Jones Estate
For as long as she could remember, Tammy Wynette had dreamed of one day living in a southern mansion very much like Tara in Gone with the Wind.

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