Give Your Home Happy Colors!

    The power of colors can alter your mood along with your attitude towards life!

    Keep reading to discover how to drench your home in happy colors. Throughout the years there has been much research in an attempt to grasp and utilize how color influences our homes and places of work. These findings have filtered down into everything from trendy wall colors to furniture and throw pillows. We live in a world with visual experiences. We see department stores displays and we are drawn to products. We even buy things simply from impulse because we just like the way in which they look!

    We make use of color to extract moods in all types of social settings. A cocktail dress in red for instance can denote fun and excitement. A simple black gown can either be elegant or somber. A beige room along with neutral accent pieces can create a feeling of peace and restfulness. When it comes down to our homes most of us play it too safe or even worse choose an inappropriate color for creating the wrong mood.

    First, when choosing designs stay away from competing colors or patterns. If you apply your happy color to your walls then make sure your furniture and rugs are your happy neutral colors. Pick a single focal point and put your room together around it.

    The absolute queen of all mood-lifting colors naturally begins with yellow. It's fun. charming, and so welcoming. Soft yellows can be so classic and relaxing, just perfect for those traditional decor styles, all while bringing a tiny whimsy touch to your room. Adding a soft daffodil or butter cream or color becomes a terrific accent color for both kitchens and bathrooms, where you want your spaces to seem clean, light, and bright. If you want to be really be extremely happy then turn up the volume of your yellows and using canary. Choose a single accent wall and accessorize with trendy accents that clean lines. Not feeling brave enough to paint your walls yellow? Then work yellow accents into pillows, frames, throws, and vases throughout your space.

    Pink is also a cheerful color that can go well in youthful locations. Soft, baby pinks look quite wonderful for nursery areas. A bolder, leaning to claret rose hue can be employed in living rooms plus used for outdoor living areas. This trendy color can also be a delightful accent hue for Moroccan designs. Accent up your pink using crisp, white moldings or a superb area rug with muted colors.

    Apricot is the third hue for creating a happy room. This sun-drenched hue is the elegant way of using orange. Apricot has an enchanting way of jogging homeowners memories of warm summer days and gorgeous sunrises, both happy events! Rose, yellow and apricot. Fantastic ways of bringing happiness into your home! - Sep 03, 2014

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