Decorate Using Fuchsia

Decorate Using Fuchsia, Bring This Bold Color Into Your Home

It's the burst of color that always brings a smile, although it's not as difficult to amalgamate into your home as one might think. Fuchsia may be exactly what you need to impart new life into your living space.

Decoist, the interior designer company calls fuchsia "energizing, refreshing and varied. Just like the flower it derived from. The diverse tones of fuchsia range from pinkish hues to purple overtones depending upon the intensity of the blues and reds involved," they said.

For HGTV, fuchsia offers a more sophisticated way to use pink in your home. "Looking for a pink that's more developed than pastel pink and a tad more subtle than "hot pink"? Fuchsia could be the perfect color that you're hoping for," they said.

Fuchsia can present a color palette for a vibrant statement of individual style. Or deliver a bold and cultured accent color in an otherwise sedate living space.

This living room declares the way fuchsia couches can become the star without overwhelming the space. The secret is staying with soft neutrals to round out the room.

A similar effect is actualized in this dining room, using upholstered stools and dramatic drapery.

Mar 2, 2016

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