The Way Dangerous Chemicals Creep into Your Home

We Bring Harmful Chemicals Inside Our Homes on a Daily Basis

They could come from our shoes, our shower curtains made of vinyl. or even our new furniture Here are my 5 Number One Ways Dangerous Chemicals Creep inside Your Home, with some solutions you can do to make for a healthier place for your family and the planet.

1. Furniture and Floor coverings: Furniture created from medium compacted fiberboard may encompass formaldehyde-based resin. While, many fashionable choices of floor coverings emit formaldehyde. At prominent levels, formaldehyde may cause irritation of the eyes and create breathing problems. Look for furniture and flooring goods with a formaldehyde-free label. Previously owned, wood furniture is also a a safe bet as any harmful chemicals have previously evaporated.

2. Chemical Cleaners: A customary way possible toxic chemicals get in is from using chemical-based cleaners. The ingredients of these cleaners do not even have a requirement that they be placed on the label. Many of their ingredients can contaminate the inside air of our homes and potentially create all kinds of health problems like allergies, asthma, and reproductive issues. An alternative is to buy or make your own non-toxic cleaners using white vinegar, baking soda, citrus juice, Borax, and oxygenated bleach.

3. Shoes and Animal Paws: When you ponder all the junk you slog inside your home using your feet, it can be utterly disgusting! The same thing can be held for whatís on the paws of your pet. Itís not just dirt but also lawn chemical residue, pesticides, and automotive fluids . People that have younger children at home, can without doubt be exposed to many toxins at floor level. The simplest solution is to leave your shoes outside the door. Also, placing a large mat at the entry is a brilliant idea. Wipe off the paws of your pet when they come indoors after chemical lawn treatments.

4. Dry Cleaning: When you bring dry dry cleaned clothing home from a conventional dry cleaner, youíre bringing in harmful chemicals that can create everything from simple headaches and breathing issues to causing liver and kidney impairment. Thatís because over 80 percent of all American dry cleaning businesses employ perchloroethylene (perc). It's a manmade compound that brings pollution into our homes, land , air, and water. Find perc-free cleaners. If there is no green cleaner in your area, unwrap youíre clothes once youíre home and allow them to air out. In minute doses, these chemicals arenít dangerous but constant or high levels of those chemicals inside our homes pollutes the air we all breath. Make more intelligent selections for you, your family and the earth.

5. Problematical Plastics: Polyvinyl chloride also know as PVC is a supple plastic used in creating vinyl shower curtains, childrenís toys and containers for food. Plasticizers employed in PVC are under suspicion of playing a role in reproductive shortcomings, premature births and damaged neurological development. You should stay away from plastics with a No. 3 label on the bottom. This classifies it as PVC. Select vinyl products containing a PVC-free label. New Article Jul 20, 2011

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