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    Bargains Are Out There Every Month

    Homeownership doesn't stop with the mortgage or stop even with taxes, insurance, utility bills, maintenance and upkeep. Where you live is just little more than a vacant storage space if you didn't equip it with all the personal comforts that turn a house into a home, and this also takes money. However, you can fill your place with items you find at bargain prices when you time those purchases with traditional sales cycles and doesn't mean you should wait until Black Friday.

    On the contrary, a couple of studies, one by and the other by Decide Inc. along with the Wall Street Journal, both show holiday year-end seasons are not the only time to find bargains. Other reports from LifeHacker and AARP show buying bargains month-by-month for everything from power tools to appliances . There's something on sale each and every month. Here are the details.

    Quarter One

    January - Furniture manufactures introduce new models during January forcing retailers to move the old inventory out to create space for the new inventory. Styles don't change all that much from one year to the next. Cash in on the previous year's models. Householders roll out their red carpet most often for holiday guests, so they typically buy flooring towards the year's end. Prices drop in January as the demand falls off. The traditional January "white sales" feature bargains on linens and bedding, though these sales occur all through the year. Also, watch for those pre-Super Bowl electronic sales with the newest LED, LCD, plasma and large-screen flat panel TV sets in 2-D , 3-D, along with other home theater merchandise, which most likely have previously been on sale and off sale from just before the holiday season.

    February - Who buys an air conditioning unit in mid winter? Bargain shoppers, that's who. Last year's TVs could also be now on sale to create room for the newest models coming later during the year.

    March - Flatware and China deals can be found on store displays in getting ready for spring time weddings. Another forerunner of spring? Gardening tools sales. The inventory can be pretty picked through until the arrival of sowing season, although this means you can obtain a decent discount.

    Quarter Two

    April - Find low prices on vacuum cleaners before spring cleaning gets completely underway, and prices increase with the demand.

    May - Discover discount coupons and sales for patio furniture, barbecue equipment, and other stuff you use in outdoor extended living spaces, which occur up as spring fully gets underway. When the summer temperatures arrive, retailers don't have sales for these outdoor items, until after the fourth of July. Many businesses gear up after the deadline for tax returns occur, so you can expect to see a few sales for the office furniture that you may be seeking for your office at home.

    June - While Father's Day is looming on the horizon, look at tools, both with and without power, can get the dad off the couch, and out of his man cave to take care of a few deferred maintenance jobs before it becomes too hot.

    Quarter Three

    July - Shop for one more round of furniture items on sale to create space for the batch number two of new models for the year. Discounts also start occurring on kitchen appliances - microwaves, ranges and refrigerators . After the fourth of July, and the smoke clears, look for discounts on barbecues and grills.

    August - Shop for sales on storage containers an d linens in preparation for the kids going off to college with summer stuff getting reduced in preparation for fall and winter.

    September - Last ditch attempts to have you spend your money for stuff you probably won't even use until the following year include markdowns on lawn mowers and grills although expect limited items to choose from. Stores begin making room for new appliances - with the exception of refrigerators - by reducing prices on old models.

    Quarter Four

    October - Sales of appliances continue, along with clearances for the remaining patio furniture along with other outdoor stuff. Looking toward the arrival of additional indoor events, retailers offer cookware at bargain prices.

    November - The holiday gift-giving sales season begins to deliver some of the best reductions of the year on TVs and other electronics. Sales on Appliances also continue with reduced prices while cheap tool prices are everywhere.

    December - there's Black Friday and Cyber Monday along with the weeks leading up to those shop-til-you-drop days, arrive with many of the best bargains of the year continuing on TVs and other electronic gear. Because blenders, toasters along with other small appliances become the perfect presents for last-minute gifts, retailers all but give them away. Contracting for home improvements now, rather than in the hectic spring thru summer remodeling season, while they are in low demand-can result in negotiable deals and discounts can be steals when compared with the full price that you'll be paying come spring. Feb 6, 2013 ?

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