Big Begonias A 'I Gotta' Have For Next Year's Garden

    If you'd like begonias that can take the heat of growing in full sun

    Then remember the word 'Big'. Gig the hot new variety of begonias that was introduced about three years back and has bounded off the sales charts. Now you are probably wondering why I am bringing up begonias in the middle of winter. Well, it's a form of therapy, by taking our minds off the cold winter days while we wishfully dream of getting our hands in the warm soil of spring.

    What's more, there are so great many new flowers you'll need to begin early and Big warrants a place in the limelight. You might be wondering about their name. Are they big? You bet they are - Texas-size. big, and they're available in three bright colors, they grow about 18 inches high and just as wide. Rich fertile soil will get them growing at 24 inches and more. The three colors they come in are Big Rose and bronze leaves, Big Red and bronze leaves, and Big Red featuring green leaves. when first saw them, they commanded high priority attention. These are ever-blooming plants featuring dark green or bronze leaves and almost appear to have a dwarf like shrub appearance. They lend themselves to stunning landscape brilliance planted mass planted around 12 inches apart, or a filler plant when planted big mixed containers, or a monoculture planted in midsize pots. They will simply dazzle your patio or front porch.

    In your landscape, put them out in front of evergreens allowing their brilliant colors to really pop. Big begonias also have the capability to give partial shaded beds the resemblance of Jamaica or Puerto Rico when they're combined with plants like cannas, bananas, elephant ears, gingers, fatsia, yellow shrimp plant and hostas .

    Deep inside, I'm partial to fiery scarlet which evokes excitement and passion, however there's definitely something to be said for a rich rose pink. I hope you'll discover a spot for both.  I actually prefer part-sun beds which are organic-rich and well drained . This the way you will obtain the best size and performance. Begin by working in 3 or 4 inches of an organic material turning over the soil to approximately eight inches of depth. While doing the tilling, add in a couple pounds of a 12-6-6 slow release fertilizer along with minor nutrients for every 100 sq. ft. of bedding.

    Big Begonias

    Feed them monthly using light fertilizer applications and keep them thoroughly-watered . Apply a layer of mulch for conserving moisture and keep moderate soil temperatures. They also reveal some hardiness to cold and can take a few low 30s temperature hits with no issues Next spring, as you shop, don't attempt to find them in some piddley 4-inch pot. They're way too spirited for that. They'll be 6-inch pots or gallon-size containers. Winter is not going to last for ever, that I promise. Spring will show up - just keep the really big in mind, Big Begonias to try out in your landscape.

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