Top 5 Items You Should Do to Help Your Home Sell Quickly

A Few Basic Rules

By Gene Wright

Although many markets through the U.S. continue to experience issues while the market does a slow turnaround, Wright Realtors real estate moves quickly, and that's because we adhere to some basic rules. 1. Curb appeal has always been key to selling homes If it appears rundown on the exterior, then it probably run down on the inside also. Curb appeal is everything about the first impression. Buyers want to sense as if they could move in the home from the instant they drive up in front. Basic enhancements like an exterior paint job, mowing the lawn and planting a few flowers tremendously improve the exterior feeling of a home.

2. Odors

Every home has it's own unique odor, particularly when pets are present. Have the carpets and upholstered furniture professionally cleaned (replace the carpets if necessary). Keep your pets hygienic and the home dander free. Consider taking pets their cages with you when leaving for showings.

3. Serous about selling your home?

Fix and paint A little bit of putty and a can of paint goes a long ways . Fix damaged dry wall, nicks on wood surfaces and repaint the walls. in the in demand colors. Childrenís rooms are best painted using a neutral shade. We like to see our Wright Realtors listing painted h a neutral hue that will be appealing to a wide range of buyers.

4. Put your personal collections away

There's an old proverb that one manís treasure is another manís junk is true when selling your house. De-clutter by packing up your personal collections, knick-knacks, heirlooms, and even family photographs. In any case, they are only special to you and the goal becomes "Male the home appealing to the greatest array of buyers as possible". It just makes good sense to pack expensive collections away along with keeping them safe.

5. Remove drugs, guns, and valuables

If you posses a gun, make sure itís not loaded and locked away. Make it inaccessible to anyone looking at your home, particularly people with children. The same holds true for fine jewelry, prescription drugs, valuable art, money and any other items you want to safe guard.  New Article Aug 10, 2011

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