9 Steps to Buying a Home

Important Steps To Owning Your Own Home

Nine steps to home buying

Having a step-by-step plan will make the entire Stockton home buying process much easier to handle. Here is the basic 9-step home buying plan that has saved thousands of dollars for many people like yourself looking to buy Stockton real estate:

bullet Determine if buying a home now is smart for you.
bullet Get pre-approved for your loan, and study the Stockton real estate market.
bullet Identify Stockton neighborhoods you like. View specific homes.
bullet Pick a Stockton home that meets your needs.
bullet Negotiate the contract.
bullet Close and move in.

Once you have examined your personal financial situation and given yourself the green light to buy a Stockton home, the next step is to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Getting pre-approved is smart for two main reasons:

bullet You’ll have less stress and more confidence while home shopping because you’ll know exactly what you can afford.
bullet You’ll have better negotiating strength with the seller when you can show them a pre-approval letter from the lender.

Yes, getting pre-approved is smart and it is the first step that you should take once you decide to buy a Stockton home. But hold your horses! There is a lot that you should know before you rush down to your local bank and get pre-approved to buy a home.

In this book, '100 First Time Home Buyer Questions Buying Your First Home' - A lot of skill is needed in many areas of buying a home. There's financing, negotiating, legal contracts, inspecting a home. This becomes too much, too fast for the majority of people to do on their own, You probably know by now, this is why nearly everyone pays big money to employ real estate agents,

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bullet Knowledge: Buying a home in in California is a fairly complicated undertaking, but if you’re armed with the proper knowledge and have a solid plan, it can be a whole lot easier. It all starts with understanding the home buying process, how the system works, and what can happen to the typical unprepared homebuyer.

bullet Avoiding Home Buying Mistakes: Taking the time to do things right will save you many hours of frustration and thousands of dollars. What happens if you take off on a journey without having a map or plan - not knowing where you’re going?Buyer Beware

bullet Buyer Mistakes: The number one mistake made by home buyers that causes them to make bad decisions and waste thousands of dollars is failing to have an organized plan. The number two mistake whih is almost as bad is, letting their emotions get out of control!

bullet 9 Steps to Owning: Having a step-by-step plan will make the entire process much easier to handle. Here is the basic 9-step home buying plan that has saved thousands of dollars for many people like yourself looking to buy real estate.

bullet Save Money: We are going to spend a lot of time discussing financing, because that is where the major share of mistakes are made. Mistakes that can end up costing you $10,000 to $30,000 or even more when you buy a home!

bullet Important Questions: Once you have a home that you are interested in, you need to find out more information. There are several questions that you must ask the seller before you start any negotiations. You need to know as much as possible about the seller’s position and motivation.

bullet Negotiating: The price is always the focal point of the offer, but there are lots of additional areas that you need to address and pay close attention to also. In your offer, be as specific as possible about every aspect of the transaction. Details that are not clear or are left out can lead to big problems down the road.

bullet Closing & Possession: After all of the terms and conditions of the contract have been mutually agreed upon by both you and the seller, you still need to stay on your toes. Many people tend to relax and end up dropping the ball. There are at least a hundred things that can go wrong and foul up the sale.

bullet How to Make it Happen: The only way to properly create your own home buying plan is to examine your personal financial situation AND your goals for the future. The next step is entirely up to you, but if you are serious about buying a home and avoiding the mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars, here’s what I recommend, in about a half-hour, we can determine what the best course of action is for you to take.

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