Prudent Shipping Ideas

Have you shortened your shopping list for the holidays

Now that the Black Friday and the Cyber Monday have come and gone? As you are going over your list again, youíll soon begin shipping presents that must get to loved ones in far away places. Now is the time to seek out shipping solutions which are not as wasteful and are easier on you and our planet.

Frustration Free Packaging

If you order online, give some thought to shipping your gift direct to the recipient. A great number of online retailers feature gift-wrapping options. And Amazon has begun a new idea that Iím convinced many shoppers are going to love. They call it ĎFrustration-Free Packaging.í An option which is available on over 70,000 products meaning those items will be delivered without plastic bindings, hard plastic clamshell casings, or wire ties.

At times the product is even delivered in the original box instead of being packaged within another. Hereís the good part. The "Frustration-Free Packaging" products have never been over-packaged. as an alternative, Amazon is working directly with product manufacturers by getting them direct from their assembly line and delivered to you or to your loved ones with a minimum amount of waste.

If you are doing home shipping, reusing boxes you have already is always a good idea. This could be as straightforward as a shoebox or a larger one that you have saved just for this season of the year. Additionally the U. S. Postal Service is making it easy to be green and it doesn't matter what you ship. All their boxes are made from 100 % recycled content, plus they are certified Cradle to Cradle. You can get online and let the USPS bring boxes straight to your door-step including stamps. Also pick-ups can be scheduled once you have your package ready to ship.

For protecting fragile presents, you might already have the ideal solution on hand. Wads of magazines pages or newspaper, plastic bags, or other shredded paler, plus any packing peanuts you have saved all work equally well. If you must purchase materials, contemplate using CareMailís biodegradable peanut packing made using potato starch and corn. They actually water dissolvable. They may be purchased at OfficeMax , Staples or online. If a package is delivered to you full of traditional Styrofoam peanut packing this year, donít through them out. Just about all Parcel Post places will accept and use them over. You can obtain more information about products for greener shipping at Office Depot. By using only some of these brighter shipping ideas will let you give to the planet all through this giving season. Itís an ideal way of showing your friends and family how you are doing your part in caring about the planet. It's one more important lesson for every one of us throughout this extraordinary time of year.

New Article Dec 1, 2012