Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Stockton Olive Garden Restaurante

Olive Garden is an informal American restaurant chain that specializes in Italian-American fare. The parent company Darden Restaurants with headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

The Stockton Olive Garden Restaurant is located at 2671 W March Lane, Stockton Ca 95207 - 209-954-9018

Restaurant History

The very first Olive Garden Restaurant was launched on December 13, 1982 by General Mills, in Orlando, Florida. General Mills had already launched 145 restaurants by 1989, turning it into one of their fastest-growing entities in the General Mills restaurant portfolio. While not a "decisive success", it was well-liked, and soon its sales per-store equaled their sister companies Red Lobster. The Olive Garden went on to become the largest Italian-themed chain full-service restaurants throughout the United States. The parent company of Olive Garden is Darden Restaurants, Inc. General Mills sold the chain in 1995.

There were 700 Olive Garden restaurants as of October 28, 20010 . All the restaurants in Canada have been shuttered excepting a handfull in Manitoba; Winnipeg, Calgary, Alberta, Edmonton, and Langley, B.C.. (A few were made over into East Side Mario's restaurants.)

The newer restaurants are a designed after an Italian farmhouse in a town located Castellina in Chianti, Tuscany, situated on the Rocca delle Macie winery grounds. The farmhouse is the home of the Riserva di Fizzano restaurant which adjoins the Culinary Institute of Tuscany, headed by the executive head chef Romana Neri. Jan 12, 2011


The Olive Garden restaurants ambiance tries to reproduce an Italian old-world atmosphere, utilizing a decor of stucco walls and foliage, while playing Italian themed background music. Olive Garden is best known for their legendary breadstick appetizers.

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