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Neil Armstrong (1930 - ) The first astronaut to walk on the moon; born in Wapakoneta. Gr. 1-2. The Rookie Biography series provides beginning readers with short, easy books they can read on their own. In Wilder, children learn about the life of the author from her early days working on her family's Wisconsin farm to her late success relating her childhood stories in the Little House books. Armstrong provides adventurous kids with information about the astronaut's training for his historic walk on the moon. The user-friendly format keeps sentence structure simple and unfamiliar words to a minimum. When difficult words are used, pronunciation is provided. The pages are filled with uncaptioned pictures or color and black-and-white photographs. As might be expected, there isn't a lot of meat to these books, and the simple language, while great for inexperienced readers, won't generate the same interest in the subject that a lively structure and vocabulary would provide. Still, they will give beginners some basic facts, as well as a strong sense of accomplishment, the benefits of which are well documented. A pictorial review of important words is appended to each volume. Lauren Peterson • Neil Armstrong Books
Daniel Beard (1850 - 1941) Founded the Boy Scouts of America; born in Cincinnati. Being interested in Daniel Carter Beard, I bought this book sight unseen. It is a childrens' book, only 80 pages - about 13 of the 80 pages are simple illustrations. I was hoping it would be a little more "serious" (but in 80 pages I wasn't expecting much).

Given that, it is a good book for what it is. 11 short chapters take "Uncle Dan" from childhood to his death at 91. The writing is simple (about 3rd grade level) and everything is told as a series of stories. It does touch on all the highlights of a remarkable life.

I recommend it for chidren or as a very simple introduction to this influential illustrator, naturalist, and one of the fathers of the the Boy Scouts of America. I am still looking for a good comprehensive biography of the man. • Daniel Beard Books

George Bellows painter, lithographer, Columbus George Wesley Bellows (August 12or August 19, 1882 - January 8, 1925) was an American painter, known for his bold depictions of urban life in New York City, becoming, according to the Columbus Museum of Art, "the most acclaimed American artist of his generation".

Bellows was born in Columbus, Ohio. He attended The Ohio State University from 1901 until 1904. There he played for the baseball and basketball teams, and provided illustrations for the Makio, the school's student yearbook. He was encouraged to become a professional baseball player, and he worked as a commercial illustrator while a student and he continued to accept magazine assignments throughout his life. Despite these opportunities in athletics and commercial art, Bellows desired success as a painter. He left Ohio State in 1904 just before he was to graduate and moved to New York City to study art.• George Bellows Books

Halle Berry (born in Cleveland. August 14, 1966 ) Famous Actress;  (pronounced /?hæli ?b?ri/; is an American actress, former fashion model, and beauty queen. Berry received an Emmy, Golden Globe, SAG, and an NAACP Image award for Introducing Dorothy Dandridge and won an Academy Award for Best Actress and was also nominated for a BAFTA Award in 2001 for her performance in Monster's Ball, becoming the first and, as of 2009, only woman of African American descent to have won the award for Best Actress. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood and also a Revlon spokeswoman. She has also been involved in the production side of several of her films.• Halle Berry Books • Halle Berry Movies
Ambrose Bierce journalist, Meigs County • Ambrose Bierce Books
Albert J. Beveridge political leader, Highland • Albert J. Beveridge Books
Erma Bombeck columnist, humorist, Dayton • Erma Bombeck Books
Bill Boyd / Hopalong Cassidy actor, Cambridge William Lawrence Boyd (June 5, 1895–September 12, 1972) was an American film actor best known for portraying Hopalong Cassidy.

Boyd was born in Hendrysburg, Ohio, located 26 miles east of Cambridge and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1918 he went to Hollywood where he became famous as a leading man in silent film romances with a yearly salary of $100,000. He was the lead actor in Cecil B. DeMille's The Volga Boatman (1926) and in D. W. Griffith's Lady of the Pavements (1929).

By the end of the 1920s Boyd's career had begun to deteriorate and he was without a contract and going broke. Then Boyd's picture was mistakenly run in a newspaper story about the arrest of another actor with a similar name (William "Stage" Boyd) on gambling and liquor charges, which further hurt his career.

In 1935 he was offered the lead role in the movie Hop-Along Cassidy. He changed the original pulp fiction character, written by Clarence E. Mulford, from a whiskey-guzzling wrangler to a cowboy hero who did not smoke, drink or swear and who always let the bad guy start the fight. Boyd would be indelibly associated with the Hopalong Cassidy character and he gained lasting fame in the Western film genre because of it. Both Clark Gable and Robert Mitchum got their first big break in movies playing villains in westerns starring Boyd. • Hopalong Cassidy Books • Hopalong Cassidy Movies

William Jennings Bryan U.S. presidential candidate, Salem • William Jennings Bryan Books
Milton Caniff cartoonist, Hillsboro • Milton Caniff Books
Nancy Cartwright - voice of Bart Simpson, Nancy Campbell Cartwright (born in Kettering  October 25, 1957) is an American film and television actress, comedian and voice artist. She is best known for her long-running role as Bart Simpson on the animated television series The Simpsons. Cartwright voices other characters for the show, including Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, Kearney and Database.

Born in Dayton, Ohio, Cartwright moved to Hollywood in 1978 and trained alongside voice actor Daws Butler. Her first professional role was voicing Gloria in the animated series Richie Rich, which she followed with a starring role in the television movie Marian Rose White (1982) and her first feature film, Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983). • Nancy Cartwright Books • Nancy Cartwright Films

Drew Carey - Drew Allison Carey (born May 23, 1958) is an American comedian, actor, photographer, and game show host. After serving in the U.S. Marines and making a name for himself in stand-up comedy, Carey eventually gained popularity starring on his own sitcom, The Drew Carey Show, and serving as host on the U.S. version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, both of which aired on ABC.

Carey has appeared in several films, television series, music videos, a made-for-television film, and a computer game. He is interested in and involved with a variety of sports and has worked as a photographer at U.S. National Team soccer games, and is currently a minority owner of the Major League Soccer team Seattle Sounders FC. Carey currently is engaged and has written an autobiography detailing his early life and television career. Carey currently hosts the game show The Price Is Right, which airs on CBS.

Drew Carey was the youngest of Lewis and Beulah Carey's three sons and raised in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. When he was eight years old his father died from a brain tumor. According to his autobiography, he was born with six toes on his right foot and he played the cornet and trumpet in the marching band of James Ford Rhodes High School, from which he graduated in 1975. • Drew Carey Books • Drew Carey Films

John R. Commons economist, Hollansburg • John R. Commons Books
Hart Crane poet, Garrettsville • Hart Crane Books
George Armstrong Custer (1839 - 1876) Commander of Michigan's cavalry brigade in the Civil War, later killed in the Battle of the Little Bighorn Like a cavalry charge led by its celebrated subject, fast on the heels of Louise Barnett's Touched by Fire (Forecasts, Apr. 15) comes a second, even finer Custer bio from Wert (General James Longstreet) based on a broad spectrum of archival research and recent scholarship. Wert's Custer is eager for glory and greatness. At one time the Union's youngest general, Custer found both during the Civil War by establishing an unsurpassed record as a cavalry officer. He also made many enemies because of his flamboyant personal style, but his exuberant self-confidence carried him so far between 1861 and 1865 that, Wert contends, he saw no reason to change in the different environment of the postwar frontier army. According to the author, Custer resisted maturity and understood neither himself nor his new enemies, the Plains Indians. Custer took personal and professional risks, Wert shows, because he was most alive living on the edge. • George Armstrong Custer Books
Dorothy Dandridge actress, Cleveland Dorothy Jean Dandridge (November 9, 1922 – September 8, 1965) was an American actress and popular singer. Dandridge was the first African American to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress.

Dandridge was born in Cleveland, Ohio to Cyril Dandridge (October 25, 1895-July 9, 1989), a cabinetmaker and minister and Ruby Dandridge (née Butler), an aspiring entertainer. Dandridge's parents separated shortly before her birth. Ruby Dandridge soon created an act for her two young daughters, Vivian and Dorothy, under the name of "The Wonder Children." The daughters toured the Southern United States for five years while Ruby worked and performed in Cleveland. During this time, they toured non-stop and rarely attended school. • Dorothy Dandridge Books • Dorothy Dandridge Movies

Doris Day singer, actress, Cincinnati Doris Mary Ann von Kappelhoff (born April 3, 1922), known by her stage name Doris Day, is an American actress and singer. Singing and dancing and playing both comedic and dramatic roles, she became one of America's biggest box-office stars, making 39 movies before retiring from films in 1968. She has also recorded more than 650 songs. She is an Academy Award nominee, as well as a Golden Globe and Grammy Award winner. In 1989, Day received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement in motion pictures. She is currently the top-ranking female box-office star of all time, ranked 6th in the top ten of mostly male stars (the only other female on the list is Shirley Temple).

Doris Day was born in the Cincinnati, Ohio, neighborhood of Evanston to Alma Sophia Welz (a housewife) and Wilhelm (later William) von Kappelhoff (a music teacher). All of her grandparents were German immigrants. Her parents' marriage failed due to her father's reported infidelity. Although the family was Roman Catholic, her parents divorced. After her second marriage, Day herself would become a Christian Scientist. Day has been married four times. • Doris Day Books • Doris Day Movies • Doris Day Discography

Clarence Seward Darrow lawyer, Kingsman • Clarence Seward Darrow Books
Ruby Dee actress, Cleveland (born October 27, 1924) is an American actress, poet, playwright, screenwriter, journalist, and activist.

Dee was born Ruby Ann Wallace in Cleveland, Ohio, the daughter of Gladys Hightower and Marshall Edward Nathaniel Wallace, a cook, waiter, and porter. After her mother left the family, Dee's father married Emma Amelia Benson, a schoolteacher. Dee grew up in Harlem, New York. She attended Hunter College High School and went on to graduate from Hunter College with degrees in French and Spanish in 1945. Dee is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Ruby Dee in 2006 Dee made several appearances on Broadway before receiving national recognition for her role in the 1950 film The Jackie Robinson Story. Her career in acting has crossed all major forms of media over a span of eight decades, including the films A Raisin in the Sun, in which she recreated her stage role as a suffering housewife in the projects, and Edge of the City. She played both roles opposite Sidney Poitier. During the 1960s, Dee appeared in such politically charged films as Gone Are the Days and The Incident, which is recognized as helping pave the way for young African-American actors and filmmakers. • Ruby Dee Books • Ruby Dee Movies

Hugh Downs TV broadcaster, Akron • Hugh Downs Books
Thomas Alva Edison (February 11, 1847 ? October 18, 1931) Only American inventor with more than 1,000 patents; born in Milan. was an American inventor, scientist and businessman who developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and a long-lasting, practical electric light bulb. Dubbed "The Wizard of Menlo Park" (now Edison, New Jersey) by a newspaper reporter, he was one of the first inventors to apply the principles of mass production and large teamwork to the process of invention, and therefore is often credited with the creation of the first industrial research laboratory.

Edison is considered one of the most prolific inventors in history, holding 1,093 U.S. patents in his name, as well as many patents in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. He is credited with numerous inventions that contributed to mass communication and, in particular, telecommunications. His advanced work in these fields was an outgrowth of his early career as a telegraph operator. Edison originated the concept and implementation of electric-power generation and distribution to homes, businesses, and factories ? a crucial development in the modern industrialized world. His first power station was on Manhattan Island, New York. • Thomas Alva Edison Books

John Evans physician, educator, Waynesville • John Evans Books
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