Support Our Economy, Buy 'Made in USA'

So how do you go about buying products only made in America?

There's no escaping the angst most Americans are now feeling about the the U.S. economy and their job market. People are blaming Republicans, others are blaming Democrats, while a few people are moving their discontent directly to the streets. Being one of those people who sees conditions by way of a "green" lens, I propose another solution: Help the economy and purchase American-made goods where you have a choice. This takes a little more effort, however everything American you buy will help in keeping and creating jobs right here In the United States.

When we go out shopping, how many times do we really make an effort to see where the product or goods is manufactured? If we are clothes shopping, we might check the fit and the fashion. If we are out shopping for home products, we may only view the price tag. Toys we purchase may merely be the ones which our children see in the commercials between the cartoons. I defy you to do a deeper investigation to discover where these products originate and make pledge to buy only American-made as much as you can. I made a challenge to myself to do likewise even with the smallest items.

Do Your Part tee shirts that they distribute are an excellent example. They might have gone for the least expensive shirts, or the ideal color although instead their decision over the T-shirt was vigilantly sourced. The fabric is created from organic cotton raised in Texas. The shirts are fashioned in California, and subsequently silk screened using safe dyes from Tennessee. Now, this cannot be said for many of the other clothes and shoes the majority of Americans wear. Most of the textiles Americans buy are imported from China, where no one knows how they are made, and if destructive dyes are used to manufacture them, what the labor rules are, Plus I have not even started to touch upon the resources committed to bringing these goods into the United States. The same thing goes for toys. The biggest bulk of toys manufactured in this world are actually produced in China. Weíhave all heard of those toxic substances discovered in several toys we buy which are made in China. And although those products are typically less expensove, the environmental and health costs are simply too high to disregard.

So how do you go about buying products only made in America? For starters, take a look at the label. If the label affirm that the product or goods is "Made in the USA," almost every part of it must also be manufactured in America and may only contain an insignificant amount of foreign created materials. Keep in mind that the large majority of the products we buy in America are in fact made here with the exception of clothing, shoes and toys. There are many resources available to help you find products which are made 100 in American by going to

It all comes down to the fact that you need to become an informed consumer. Itís worthwhile to take some time to discover where all the stuff you buy today comes from. Itís vital that you Do Your Part to boilster the economy, the people and our planet.

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