Top 10 Homeowner Tools

10 Prority Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Every homeowner is not destined to turn into a top notch handyman, even so that shouldn't keep typical homeowner's of today from doing simple repairs within their own living areas. Here are expert suggestions for the top ten priority tools every homeowner needs to have and what they may be used for.

1. At the top the list is an assortment of screwdrivers. These small handy devices are used to tighten loose handles, drawers, and naturally, to replace batteries in the endless children's toys lurking around your house! You'll need both flat-bladed and Phillips-head versions and preferably in several varying sizes.

2. Get a hammer! The use of a hammer is really self-evident, however you'll find it works great for getting rid of troublesome nails and installing new ones!

3. Put those nails right the perfect place by making use of a stud finder. For under $20 you can acquire this handy tool which will give you sturdy nails and screws on which you can hang your coat rack, tv mount, and heavy artwork.

5. Pliers seem like a such simple tool to have, but you'll discover hundreds of uses for them! From tightening loose bolts to loosening tight screws, you'll be thankful you have this inexpensive tool in your kit.

4. Get a corded electric drill. For most projects found around the house, typically it's unnecessary to use a cordless drill. In fact, there is no waiting for the battery to charge with a corded drill. Simply use your drill with an extension cord and you'll be good to go!

6. Tape Measure for finding the perfect distance. There are also pocket and purse size tape measures that are ideal to take along when shopping. This way you'll always be certain that new table or couch is going to fit!

7. A Shop Vac may be used for cleaning out patio door tracks, vacuum your car, plus remove dust bunnies and cobwebs from hard to get to spots. It may even be used for removing standing water! The Shop Vac becomes a robust tool to place in your tool kit.

8. Exacto knives may be used for opening boxes and making precise cuts on edges and tapes. One may even be used for cutting roof material, should the need come up!

9. A Chop saw. I know, it's a large purchase that could scare some homeowners with less experience, but you this tool can even used to cut replacement moulding, trim, and even decks.

10. Finally, you need a level for hanging the perfect picture. Our eyes can be deceiving us sometimes, so you can be sure everything is "level" when you employ this easy to use tool.

Home repair tasks can be accomplished by all homeowners, both young and old and It doesn't make any difference if you're a male or a female. Naturally there are literally hundreds of other useful tools for household repairs by the hundreds. Don't be fearful of tackling a few simple projects on your own. You'll save a lot of money over the long-run while you achieve some genuine pride of ownership.

Gene Wright,
Nov 8, 2012