Social Etiquette Era Ending

Are creating plans, and even more important keeping those plans, a lost art?

In the mobile world of today where we can tweet, text, email and call each other at the press of a button, there are many people who feel what was a social etiquette at one time is now becoming a thing of the past. In a recent New York Times article, "sry gotta bail mayb nxt tme," columinist Caroline Tell delves into this current phenomenon of the way people are steering their social live styles in actual time and now confirming or cancelling their plans on the go. She indicates out that people are not only using text messaging and other mobile exchanges to cancel plans, but are doing so as near to the very last minute as they can.

Additionally, people are many times making multiple series of plans, all of them at identical times, and deciding where to go based upon how and places others are going along with the surrounding situation of the evening. The way Ashley Wick, the Wick & Co founder., stated it, "offline etiquette rules no longer look as if they apply as people hide behind text messages or email to cancel meetings or do those things that may feel awkward doing in person."

For those who hate last minute terminations and have pride in their social etiquette, it's unfortunate that this phenomenon is on the brink of only becoming worse with the continuing trend to mobile devices. eMarketer says the amount of time people spend on their mobile devices for endeavors like the Internet, apps, music, and gaming has doubled in the US over the preceeding two years. Excluding time spent talking, mobile usage will continue to grow up to 51.9 percent becoming 82 minutes average time spent each day, up from only 34 minutes as recently as 2010.

By contrast, the time people spend online (still more than time they spend on mobile) will expand only 3.6 percent for the coming year compared to only 7.7 percent during 2011.

While thinking this over, keep in mind mobile applications still have an enormous amount of room to grow as tablet and smartphone incursion are going to continue expanding. As multitudes of consumers obtain these devices, the swing in minutes tp mobile compared to the traditional desktop is going to continue its swing in kind also. Listed below are a few key findings which additionally illustrate the swing:

The user share accessing social networks like Facebook using their PCs will decrease from the present 66 percent during 2012 to just 52 percent during 2016.

Mobile advertising will expand from $6 billion during 2011 to $28.8 billion worldwide in 2016.

Business to the end consumer m-commerce expenditures will expand worldwide six fold in the period between 2011 thru 2016, reaching as much as $223 billion by the completion of the period forecast.

If this correlation linking the decline of social etiquette to mobile holds true, we may all be seeing the end of social etiquette as we know it. However, as a half full glass person, I'd suggest turning your sights to the opportunity phenomenal this offers to reach and interact with mobile consumers everywhere. Besides, there is nothing that lasts forever. 

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