Protect Your Pocketbook with a Home Warranty

There are Advantages to Both Buyer and Seller

Even while both home prices and sales continue to tank nationwide, literally millions of Americans are still navigating the buying and selling of homes process, and for a great number, the overwhelming amount of details and choices can become overwhelming. With so many things to think about when selling or buying a house, it can become a challenge to look into even routine facets of the process, things like the value of a home warranty.

Lelia Chapman, a VP of field sales at American Home Shield,, one of the older and larger home warranty providers in the nation, says that a trusted home warranty plan can help in providing an important degree of confidence for a home buyer and assist in distancing a sellerís property from other competition.

Although there are advantages to both buyer and seller, many of the parties remain in the dark about the rationale and advantage of home warranties, that can take care of fixing or replacing numerous home-system elements and appliances. Home warranties which may be placed on single-family homes, vacation homes, condominiums, townhouses, and multiple-unit properties deal with key consumer requirement, typically taking care of the expense of replacing or fixing such items as heat and air conditioning elements, dishwashers, ovens,, water heaters, garbage disposals, etc.

Many of these items are not typically covered by a homeowners insurance policy although can be very expensive to fix or replace if it's not taken care of by a home warranty. A new dishwasher by itself can be more expensive than one year home warranty premium; the price of an American Home Shield one-year home warranty starts at about $300. v Additionally, if an appliance or system unexpectedly breaks, it can be downright inconvenient and stressing to homeowners in addition to the potential of trashing to a household financial plan," says Chapman.

Although many of a homeís appliances and system elements are taken care of by the standard home warranty, home buyers desiring additional coverage of household items should look into whether their selected home warranty company has an available an add-on packet. American Home Shield has available plans letting consumers custom design a home warranty to take care of particular appliances and components which may, include garage door openers, ceiling fans,, swimming pools, etc.

Benefits for buyers and sellers
No matter if a home warranty is paid for by the home seller or bought by the buyer subsequent to escrow closing, there are a great number of benefits for both parties.

"Buyers like home warranties because they provide coverage of appliances and other system elements that a brand new buyer has no knowledge about," says Chapman. Sellers have an advantage by providing a home warranty as it lets the home stand out from the others in the pack in the saturated market of today, often providing a faster sale at a better price.

There's a plan thatís just right for you
Although home warranties have become a well-liked addition to a home purchasing and selling practice, they may be acquired at any time. Chapman suggests that consumers do their homework before selecting a plan or warranty provider, as expenses, coverage amounts, customer services and other aspects may vary. The American Home Shield website provides homeowners an interactive encounter where they may go over an array of optional features and custom-design a plan based upon a price and coverage benefit that's the right one for them.

In the economy of today, home warranties are more practical than ever before, says Chapman. "They are not only a fantastic tool to assist you in selling a home, theyíre definitely something you should insist on when purchasing one. Jun 30, 2011

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