When Purchasing a Foreclosure. Know Which One to Buy Today and Which Ones to Shy Away

Foreclosures Are Still
Taking Place in Many Areas

The economy has been improving somewhat resulting in, a few bright spots appearing in the arena of real-estate. Although, the spike real estate foreclosures, which started about the same time as the recession, isnít a faded memory in your rear view mirror. Foreclosures are still taking place in many areas and the numbers have actually increased. Most surprising is that, foreclosures have invade into a few key cities that in the past were thought to be totally stable real-estate markets, such as San Francisco, where the amount of foreclosures actually increased in 2010 and penetrated into luxury neighborhoods such as the Pacific Heights area, where a condominium which brought $2.3 million in 2007 recently sold as a foreclosure for about $1.44 million.

Second Foreclosure Wave

This "second foreclosure wave", combined with the reality that 401(k)s for many people have sprung back in the stock market, plus a majority of economists agreeing that the recession has reached bottom, implies that in many cases there is fierce competition for these bank owned homes. This sorta' comes as a reenergized, final sprint to buy one of what several believe is the best bargains in real-estate theyíll get for sometime. But just how can you tell which foreclosure which property to buy today and which to shy away? Here are a few tips to help in your decision.:

Have a pro Inspect it

Homes are not always as they appear as to whether there are a good buy, which the most important point . A $2 million executive mansion may appear magnificent looking at the surface but possibly could have toxic mold lurking underneath, which will necessitate enormously expensive, drawn out repairs. Conversely, a Mission Style fixer may tired and dated but may have a strong skeleton and can be renovate at modest cost. A certified home inspection professional should be employed to inspect a property prior to making a deal to buy it, and find out what necessary repairs are needed in order to make an assessment as to whether itís a worthwhile investment. Prior inspections should no be relied upon, even if they're relatively recent. Vacant homes can deteriorate immensely in a short amount of time, particularly in a region with extreme climates.

Stay with common sense real-estate logic

Way too many people, throw out their real-estate common sense and zoom in on price alone when searching for a foreclosure. Keep in mind that, items such as a sub-standard area, poor light, horrible view, sub-par school district, high crime rates and other negative aspects one possible factor as to why a home became a foreclosure to begin with. Donít jump to conclusions that the previous owners financial issues are the chief reason for every single foreclosure. The previous owner may have purchased the home while ignoring several of the above issues, and seen the value drop due to them. Donít stick your head in the sand, especially if there's a chance you might be reselling within the next 5 to 10 years. Try to find out how the time frame the home has sat vacant; the longer the time, the more the odds that this is not a good property to buy. Additionally, if there are other foreclosures close by, thatís a negative sign also.

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