Get the Exterior of Your Home in Curb Appeal Shape

Spring Weather is a Time for Much More than Just Trimming the Lawn

It's a time to perform essential repair and maintenance inspections to insure the house and yard are at their best summer safe. This also will save spending money on major expenses over the long haul.

Those strong winds we endured during the winter season may have taken their toll of the safety and secure areas around your home, The areas impacted might include roofs, gutters and fences. You should make sure that all wood fence posts have remained intact and appropriately embedded in their holes, and perhaps you should consider treating them giving them another coat of preservatives. Don't forget to check rain gutters, fascias and roofing for wind and water damage or any movement, and while you're at it, clean out debris and leaves that have accumulated during the winter months, These are all necessary tasks. Getting up on a ladder is a job for two people, and that if you do not feel confident, you should hire a professional.

Checking for wood dry rot is one more important task, specifically for sheds and decks, Falling through a deck could produce serious injury to someone if it collapsed. For decks, look at the posts condition and insuring the boards are firmly secured in place. Sheds should be inspected for dry rot and also the roof to see if has not shrunken ripped or blown off. Replace roofing if required to avoid leaks and therefore stop further destruction to wood or contents inside the shed. Now could be the time to apply a new preservative coat, Be sure the boards are washed down employing a rigid brush and light sanding prior to applying any new finish.

Maintenance checks in and around your home are tasks that are often procrastinated until ‘next week’ but a number of these inspections are for safety issues, There is no need to risk having an accident or spending extra money down the road by finding it necessary to replace things, such as fascias or decks. Mar 30,, 2011

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