Realistic Couponing

Save as much as 60% to 70% off everyday prices

I save as much as 60% to 70% off the everyday price of groceries and personal hygiene items on a regular basis. A family of five, could cut their spending from $450 to $550 per month by using coupons and also watching the prices on what they buy could cut their average grocery bill down to $50 to $75 per week which could be pretty good, although there's a trend with many people that expect to get every item they buy for only cents on each dollar or totally free.

CouponingThis is just not the case. You certainly can find the occasionally free item or still yet a moneymaking purchase (after utilizing coupons. Store rewards can also be obtained, which allows you to actually wind up getting more money than the actual price of the item returned receiving store credit or cash.) but this is not representative of your every shopping excursion.

The TV show called Extreme Couponing has left people with a belief that only 50% or as little as 25 percent saving is not good enough, and that you must to achieve 98 percent savings each time you shop. That expectation is just not reasonable. So not meeting an expectation leads you to disappointment or lose interest, and pretty soon you have stopped saving any money period, because you quit couponing.

This extreme couponing TV show is not the best example for people to follow due to the people participating have had their plan in the works for some time and sitting back for the perfect sale or goods, so by using their coupons that will allow them to gain the $1,000 value of goods for free.

Their shopping trip has been "cherry picked" just for the eyes of the TV cameras only. And with very few exceptions these stores themselves have gone against their own coupon requirements by allowing these contestants to do their own special couponing. Another way of saying that, in the majority of cases, the stores won't allow you to do as they did, so you would not be able to obtain similar results.

When you are just beginning you should fix "stock up" prices for items you buy most, and when the "stock up" price comes along, buy enough of them to allow you get you to wait for next sale or next coupon circulation. For example the type of tuna you prefer is customarily $.89 per can but by watching out for tuna sales and using coupons that are available you can buy it for only $.39 per can, then should fix your "stock up" cost at $.39.

This price difference is 56%. From this point forward you should only let yourself to buy the tuna at your set price. Due to flouting grocery prices, you will must revaluate the "stock up" prices each six months or more often.

By using this strategy to arrange and Prepare your shopping trips, in just a few short months you will start saving 60 percent or more consistently from your food costs while you didnít need to get "extreme". Supposing you have a $400 monthly food budget, even a 25% savings will give you an additional $100 per month to to be used somewhere else. Just keep in mind that money saved is the same as money earned. New Article Jul 24, 2011

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