Baby Boomers Set to Alter Housing Market

Once wined and dined by the housing marketplace

Aging Baby Boomers just disappeared from the housing map over the past several years while their retirement monies diminished and they realized the probability of staying on the job longer until they could go off to their dream retirement.

There are perhaps as many as 77 million of them, so any belief that Boomers are not a force in the housing market is wrong thinking, so developers and builders are preparing for their expected comeback. Although, they're predicting that as the Boomers come back, they'll have more minimal requirements than in those go-go days of only a few short years back.

There's now a chance to revisit many of the things that have been tried in designing homes and communities proposed for that age bracket, Retiring Boomers still desire developments limited to elderly purchasers or marketed particularly to them, although they would like a greater diversity of home designs than were presented during the housing surge.

And make them smaller this time, They've realized they don't have to have as much living space and the downturn prevented them from having less spendable income than they were used to in the past.. Today, successful developments have scaled back home sizes as much as 200 to 400 square feet.

Some additional main concerns expected from this age bracket:

Developers need to take into account proximity to job hub areas, as younger Boomers plan to continue working, minimally part-time. And remember allocate areas for a home office in these home designs.

One thing that has remained constant is walking trails which are still the most desired amenity from this age bracket, And they still are fond fitness centers, as the developments tend to be not as large, these facilities are also less likely to be as large with less frills than a decade ago. Offering a feeling of physical safety is a key, and in many areas of the U.S. Boomers are fond of the idea of gated access as well as expanded garage storage.

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