Escalon California Churches and Places to Worship

A Church Has Two Commonly Used Meanings

Often the word 'Church' is used to describe a place of worship or gathering of religious believers. It is also commonly used to describe the collective people or congregation who meet in a Church building or otherwise to represent the worldwide body of a religious community.

Church may refer to:

In Christianity:

  • Church (building), building used for religious services and worship.
  • Christian Church, worldwide body of Christians.
  • Church body, Christian religious body (local, national, or worldwide) made up of congregation(s), members, and clergy.
  • Invisible church, the "invisible" body of the elect who according to Christianity are known only to God.
  • Orthodox Church, various Eastern but otherwise-unrelated Churches including
    • Eastern Orthodox Church, various Christian Churches rejecting the supremacy of the Pope, and separated from the Roman Catholic Church since the 11th century East-West Schism.
    • Oriental Orthodox Church, any one of various Christian Churches rejecting the Chalcedonian Creed and separated from Chalcedonian Christianity since the 5th century.
  • Roman Catholic Church, Christian church that adheres to the Papacy, and separated from Eastern Orthodoxy since the 11th century East-West Schism
  • Protestant Church, form of Christian faith and church organization originating from the doctrines of the Protestant Reformation.
  • State church, various Christian Churches officially endorsed by the state
  • Established church, various Christian Churches officially sanctioned and supported by the government of a country
  • Church service, time of communal worship, often on Sundays.
  • Christian clergy, formal Christian religious leadership.
In other faiths:
  • Unitarian Church, a phrase to describe Unitarian Universalism.
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 Escalon California Church Guide, Places to worship in Escalon California & Surrounding Areas with addresses, service times, email addresses

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First Baptist Church
209 1511 Catherine Way,
Escalon CA 95320
Saint Patrick's Church & Shrine 19401 Sate Highway,
Escalon CA 95320
209-838-2133 Saint Patrick's Church
Christian Reformed Church
2203 California St,
Escalon CA 95320
209 838-7223 Christian Reformed Church
Church of Christ
1303 Irwin Ave,
Escalon CA 95320
209 838-3209 Homer R. Sallee
1325 Sacramento St.
Escalon, CA 95320
Saron Lutheran Church
1742 North St,
Escalon CA 95320
209 838-7695 Saron Lutheran Church
Escalon Covenant Church
1766 Jackson Ave,
Escalon CA 95320
209 838-7600 Escalon Covenant Church
Escalon Presbyterian Church 
1612 1St St,
Escalon CA 95320
209 838-2798 Pastor: Rev. Troy Onsager
[email protected]
Seventh-Day Adventist Church
2189 Jackson Ave,
Escalon CA 95320
209 838-7815 Seventh Day Adventist Church
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