Architecture Styles

California Bungalows of the TwentiesCalifornia Bungalows of the Twenties One of a string of reproduction house plan style books by Dover. These books are identical reprints of the original plan books originating back during the turn of the century (approximately 1880-1925). Dover adds few if any up-to-date explanations, just portraying this catalog exactly as it was printed. So when people look to review any of these books, they're not really judging the current day publisher, writing, or editing. In fact the only updated element is the precision reproduction. In a few situations, where pages of the originals were damaged or torn, Dover reproduced that page in the original form with the smudge, tear, hole or blot visible. So in judging these books, they must be compared each one to similar boks of its type, and then make a decision as to whether the information in it is complete from beginning to end in accordance with the accepted standards of its era. New Article  by Gene Wright, Feb 13, 2011

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