Why Stocktonians Love Their City


July 20, 2008 6:00 AM - Click a photo for larger image

Candy Payne

  1. The dedication of volunteer coaches and parents who enrich the lives of our children.
  2. The uplifting music in local churches on a Sunday morning!
  3. Committed foster parents who open up their homes and hearts for the many children who have been abused or neglected by adults.
Robert Applegate
  1. Driving up the road to Bob's at the Marina.
  2. Driving the area around the University of the Pacific with all the manicured yards and beautiful homes.
  3. "Mama," the manager at Macaroni Grill, always so welcoming.
Jenna Miller
  1. I was fortunate to be raised in a city with such diversity.
  2. We have a city like downtown and busy midtown by the malls to the fruitful agriculture just on the outskirts of town.
  3. I love all the different types of food.
Maureen Gill
  1. After coming home from a trip to a large city, I enjoy the small-town feel of Stockton.
  2. Even though the population has increased, residents still seem friendly and helpful.
  3. I appreciate Stockton's two best assets: its trees and waterways.
Scott Ferry
  1. Driving down Swain Road (between Herndon and Pershing) in the fall.
  2. Swimming meets on hot summer nights as well as community pool rivalries.
  3. Sunday breakfast at Bob's at the Marina.
Geri Beckman
  1. Victory Park with its many amenities, especially The Haggin Museum.
  2. The Pacific campus, which is so lovely, and the pealing of the carillon in Burns Tower
  3. I can be anywhere in the city in 12 to 15 minutes.

Haggin Museum

Oak Grove Regional Park

Jennifer Wood
  1. Grooves in the Park in May at Oak Grove Regional Park.
  2. Pacific athletics, especially volleyball and water polo.
  3. Cocoro sushi, Petra's Deli and Siamese Street Thai.
Ron Sylvia
  1. Within a few miles in any direction from Stockton, you come to pastoral property: orchards, vineyards and fields.
  2. In the 10 years I've lived in Stockton, I've felt only one earthquake, a mild one originating near San Jose.
  3. As a former police traffic officer, I rode Harley-Davidson motorcycles made in the USA. Most cities use foreign-made police motorcycles, but not Stockton.
Matt Beckwith
  1. The Asparagus Festival. I love the festival even more now that it is downtown.
  2. The restaurants. Cibo di Vino is not only one of the best pizza places in town, it's one of the best restaurants. Paragary's (with all that goes with that) has promise. On Lock Sam, Dave Wong's, De Vega Brothers, Portifino, Yasoo Yani and Ciao Bella are some of my favorites.
  3. The Stockton Thunder and our beautiful Stockton Arena.
Chuck Holmes
  1. The smooth pavement of West Fremont Street.
  2. The Wednesday evening Victory Park concerts.
  3. The July 4 fireworks.
David Qualls
  1. Our home (by Victory Park).
  2. Our school (Kohl Open School).
  3. Our neighbors (all of them).
Sylvia Qualls
  1. Location.
  2. Location.
  3. Location.
Cherie Fields
  1. The new dog park. In addition to the dogs, I've noticed the owners are also talking in a positive social environment.
  2. KK Cowgirl (Web forum posting)
  3. Concerts in the park at Victory Park.
  4. Ace Hardware. Small shops beat the big boxes any day of the week.
  5. Stockton Thunder hockey games.
Patrick Chase
  1. The Haggin Museum and its volunteers.
  2. We have the highest rating in the country for our Fire Department.
  3. Our location is perfect.
Ken Parsons
  1. University of the Pacific sports.
  2. Crepes at the Taste of Brittany.
  3. Being able to hear a boat horn and a train whistle moments apart.
Stockton UOP Burns Tower 1
Burns Tower

Fred and Norma Selin
  1. University of the Pacific with its beautiful brick and ivy campus, Burns Tower, Morris Chapel (we were married there), Tiger sports.
  2. Stockton Parks and Recreation Dept. (tons of classes and activities, beautiful parks.
  3. Our church, Quail Lakes Baptist Church.
Steve Schermerhorn
  1. Stockton Symphony, Stockton Opera and Friends of Chamber Music.
  2. UOP's cultural programs.
  3. Delta College's cultural programs.

One couple offers up 37 reasons to love this city

July 20, 2008 6:00 AM
Note: Paula and Kevin White of Stockton didn't stop with three things they like about Stockton. Their list totaled 37. Here are their thoughts:
  1. Our neighborhood.
  2. Our neighbors - best we have ever had.
  3. The older homes in Stockton, north and south of Harding Way.
  4. Port of Stockton - We love driving over the port and seeing the ships docked. We enjoy identifying the origin of the ship via the flags.
  5. Victory Park.
  6. The Haggin Museum.
  7. The gift shop in The Haggin Museum.
  8. The Children's Museum.
  9. Fire Station 6.
  10. The house on the corner of Acacia and Pershing that looks like a castle.
  11. Yosemite and all of the stores/cafes.
  12. Country Club, north and south - the trees are absolutely magnificent during autumn.
  13. The campuses of University of the Pacific, Delta College and Humphreys College.
  14. Downtown - our jobs take us downtown often. It is so nice to see the waterfront, Dean De Carli Square, Essential Services, movie theater, etc.
  15. High school sports.
  16. Academic tournaments.
  17. Lincoln Center - really enjoy hearing the piped in music when walking through the center.
  18. Stone Creek Village - Oh my gosh. What a beautiful corner. We are enjoying exploring the new shops.
  19. Eateries.
  20. Cultural diversity.
  21. Shopping.
  22. How many of the churches in town gather as one to serve the community.
  23. Stockton Symphony.
  24. Stockton Civic Theatre.
  25. Swenson Park, Golf Course.
  26. Pixie Woods.
  27. The Delta, even though it is no longer safe to swim in as when we were kids, it is a beauty.
  28. Safety officers and the skills they use to keep us all safe.
  29. Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium - love the golden bears!
  30. City Hall - it is old and undated, but it is quite majestic.
  31. The office building I work in on March Lane; it is beautiful (Paragon Point).
  32. Consideration shown by fellow citizens - I was on crutches for quite some time. I was overwhelmed with the generosity of others who offered to hold doors open and express sympathy to a complete stranger.
  33. Safeway Pharmacy on Country Club - always fill my medications with a smile, even when I call them in late!
  34. PG&E - quick to respond.
  35. City services for sewer and water - we lived in county jurisdiction for over 10 years. What a treat to have someone respond when the city sewer lines are backed up, or the water department.
  36. Festivals throughout the year.
  37. Kiwanis Club of Stockton.
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