Staying Healthy at the Amusement Park

By Gene Wright

Dehydration, nausea, sunburn, or an accidental injury can call a quick halt a family outing

Here are a few tips for staying safe Sip on water all day. Youíll prevent dehydration symptoms including headache, dizziness, fatigue plus potential digestive distress. Donít hang on until you're feeling thirst and then attempt to drink an entire bottle at one time, Stay away from alcohol and caffeine.

Staying Healthy at the Amusement Park

Use plenty of sunscreen and reapply it a minimum of three times per day, or even every hour if youíre going on loads of water rides. Dress for the activity. Stay away from clothing featuring strings or hoods, which might become tangled in equipment. Pull long hair back.

Check ride safety up front. visit to see a national safety complaint database along with general tips and concerns. Skip attractions that look poorly-maintained, are creaking or have tattered safety harness. Also see if the ride operators are attentive to their rides.

Obey the rules. If youíre taller or shorter than the height required for a particular ride, donít attempt to slink by. If you should not put your hands on the exterior of a ride, then donít.

Donít pork out. To prevent motion sickness, reduce spicy, greasy, fatty, or high sugar content foods. Unless you know your stomach well, wait approximately an hour after eating before getting on the big rides (play some games or go to show for an hour). Also sitting at the very front part of a roller coaster also helps avoid nausea.

Donít coerce children to go on rides. A frightened kid might try to get off when a ride is moving. Also take lots of breaks, tired riders may overlook safety steps or not have the strength to buttress their bodies as necessary on curves and inclines. New Article Aug 16, 2011

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