Primary residence

Normally the Place Where One Lives

This is most often a house, apartment or duplex. A person is only allowed one primary residence during any point in time, although this residence may be shared with other people! The primary residence is deem to be a legal dwelling for income tax purposes and/or obtaining a mortgage. The measurement of a primary residence for the most part is guidelines rather than definite rules. Residential status is most often ascertained on an individual case basis. Possible aspects include:

  • telephone listing
  • mailing address
  • voting registration
  • time spent at residence per year
  • location of personal effects, and
  • stated purpose of residence on insurance policies.

Use in Urban Planning

The primary residence is the main dwelling unit on a parcel of land. This term distinguishes this unit from a potential secondary suite. Mar 3, 2011

See also

  • Residency
  • Tax residence

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